Tips for spring fishing

At the present time the most popular nozzles are of vegetable origin. You can just buy white bread and cut off the top crust. The flesh cut into small cubes, but their length should not be more than 1 centimeter. The crust should choose well-done, because that’s what makes it more elastic. Fishing for bream it is important that the crust was fried, because the flavor, coming from her, spreading quickly through the water and attracts fish.

Many experienced anglers when fishing for bream I prefer to use a nozzle made of crumb. Cooking is nothing difficult, because you have to pinch off a little piece and slightly flatten it. Then he bent so that completely covered the hook. It is important that the nozzle not was no smell, or not be able to get a good bite.

Quite often, the lure must be thrown to a great distance, so in this case you need to give preference to boiled pasta. They are also used for fishing in night. In the cooking process the pasta must be mixed with sugar, salt or oil cake.

With the onset of spring, the fishermen are trying to cook «mash», which consists of semolina. In cooking there is nothing complicated, but it’s important to be a little patient. The evening should prepare a spoonful of semolina and cover it in a regular glass. It also adds cold water and using a wooden sticks the mixture should be mixed. After 20 minutes, the procedure will need to repeat and add a small amount of grits in dry form. Stir and add the semolina you need until then, until the mixture will not be thick enough. She needs to reach for the stick. Storage it is best to choose a container with an airtight lid.

This kind of bait is actively used in the period from may to mid-autumn. Many fishermen say one drawback of this «mash» that is associated with the fact that every time you cast, you should use a new batch.

In the spring the fish are biting well on corn, especially carp. Although the bream also like to eat so fragrant bait as canned corn. At the end of spring, fishing is impossible without the use of barley. Barley requires long cooking, as its grains should become more elastic.

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