Tips for novice anglers

Fishing is a very exciting activity for women and men. It helps to relax in nature, to have fun, to forget about their everyday problems. Fishing isn’t always about the result: caught a fish or not, the main process itself which brings pleasure. This hobby existed since very old times when people were hunting and gathering and learned to provide products, but still could not play them yourself. For modern people this is a hobby, and in ancient times the way to survive. Now it is divided into Amateur and sports.

Beginners are not always everything can happen the first time. But, if you think about it, all the professionals at the time were freshmen and overcame this way. Do not neglect the advice of experienced anglers before you need to ask how and what to fish, where and what bait is best to choose for a certain type of fish. For a start, you should prepare a bait or spinning (don’t need to take very long), buy it all better in a special shop and have to check everything for damage (fixing the hooks). You need to determine the reservoirs and learn what living there are species of fish, and in accordance with it to choose the bait. And be sure to know what kind of fish is prohibited, and to treat this matter seriously, because it would be poaching and can incur very serious penalties.

The main choice of bait. It is, of course, depends on the type of fish, but it is influenced by the location of the reservoir, time of year, weather and individual tastes and preferences of the fisherman. Bait are different:

Artificial – are on sale in fishing shops, created under various types of fish;

Live is one of the most popular types of bait among fishermen. It is known to all the maggots, worms, butterflies.

Vegetable – fish to peck at grains. For example, peas, barley, semolina, wheat and maize.

Common types of fish and bait:

carp are biting well on bread or dough, corn or peas; a carp on a dung worm or bloodworm; perch – spinner or manure worm; Rudd – insect larvae, the worm and the butterfly; roach – worms, maggots, bloodworms, wheat and oats; laziness-red manure worm, a neck cancer or a butterfly.

Rods. There are lots of them, but for beginners they are not all suitable. It is better to take a normal float rod and not very long. But depending on the type of fishing float fishing rods are divided into several types: coastal fishing (you can use near the beach, inexpensive and can withstand a lot of catch), fishing rod for a spot of fishing and strong currents (to be used if there is strong current, you can adjust the length, can be fished under the trees, the rod is held in place), the rod for long distance fishing – used, if pole need to throw very far, but it is necessary to use only on reservoirs without currents is universal – suitable for all poles – bamboo conventional fishing rod, light, cheap.

Fishing – the activity is really exciting, after trying it the first time, so it will be hard to break away, because it is not difficult and does not require much physical effort. The main thing — to follow the advice and then do it.

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