Tips for an autumn carp fishing

Autumn is a wonderful time when carp prefers animals, movable nozzle — bloodworm, worms, maggots, etc. additionally, the nozzle need to use a small, as in cold water carp have a slow metabolism. In this regard, as the nozzle use the larva burdock moth — «red guards». «How to find it?»- You ask, everything is very simple: you need to cut the stems of burdock, good enough for the whole of Russia and carefully cut along the stem with a knife. Inside we will see a small nonmoving worms-larvae. Of course not all thistles are larvae. How to determine what Bush cut in the following way: at the bottom closer to the earth in the stalk of the plant looking for small holes. If they are, feel free to cut, they want us! Also»red guards» can be seen in the dried flower heads. «The red guards» — a cool head! By the way, it is possible to store even in winter, this need harvests the stalks, bind in bundles, stored on the balcony or in the shed, but now we always have the perfect nozzle.

When fishing for carp on thin hooks (№ 3,5-4) baited with 1-3 larvae, provided that the stinger was closed. In addition to carp, «red guards» well caught roach, bream, bream, roach and other white fish. You can catch the larva with a spoon. One day I was fishing on one of the quiet branches of the river don in one of the nondescript villages, on the jetty, where rinse the Laundry, got a local fisherman. He used a long pole with a coil and a nod. On a silver jig with 2 cambricum (white and red) wore 2-3 larvae. The depth on the fishing spot was about 4 meters. It was a fine September day with a slight breeze. It was about 10 o’clock in the morning.

Fishing smoothly «play» the lure is 2-3 cm from the bottom, sometimes tapping on it. From time to time he tossed a bit of the dry cake… ten Minutes later caught a big skimmer bream. And soon, the second and third. Surprised angler caught polukilogrammovy carp, and behind him and the second.

We got to talking. The fisherman said he fished at the same place, but only for maggots. And his catch consisted of a large white bream and white bream.

Bite like bream and carp were characterized by a long (15 cm) nod sharply straightened. At this point, and was followed by cutting.

Good autumn showerheads have small maggots. Use thin hooks (No. 4-5) , which put on 2-3 larvae, but that tip was barely palpable with a finger.

Autumn is well suited to small manure worms, the benefit is small in the manure is always enough. Otsimisel a part of a worm with a length of 2-3 cm, but on the whole worm carp bite worse.

Of course there is still the ant eggs is very tender attachment, which like the roach, silver bream, bleak. To wear them better than conventional hook and use a small jig below was carried out a constant movement of the nozzle. Fall application of plant nozzles usually gives bad effect. But where carp abundantly lure, is better to combine plant with animal bits, a good combination of maggot with 1-2 steamed grains of barley. Through the puncture is put on the grain, and then maggots.

Summing up the above said concerning the autumn of nozzles, you can make the following conclusions.

In the fall when fishing for carp, the nozzle should be small, especially in cloudy cool weather.

Preference should be given to animal heads, especially in a forest frequented waters where the carp are not familiar with the vegetable foods.

Animals heads (bloodworm, worms, maggots, etc.) must be fresh. Mashed on the dead insect larvae and worms carp takes is weak.

The visited water bodies good effect gives the application of the «sandwiches» — a combination of animal and vegetable bits.

With the deterioration of the fish immediately change the nozzle, because the taste of fish is very variable.

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