Three Board fishing

1.For fish …


Before fishing jig to dip into any strong smell, means. For example, fish «like» different oils: anise, hemp, mint, linen. Due to the lack of air, the fish rises in the middle layers of water. So, not bad for the fisherman to do tests on all horizons, to the bottom. But, there are days when the perch and large roach, take the jig instantly, which lies at the bottom.

Sometimes it happens that the fish started to bite after a fisherman will change lures of the same color and shape, different color and shape, for example, light on dark or Vice versa. «Like» fish and how to tackle jig with a small bobber and hook attached, for example, the rooms are 3.5 or 4, the length of the leash – two-three centimeters.

2.Pick up the nozzle …

The lack of oxygen makes the fish inactive, why, the ideal amplitude of oscillation of the spinner is minimal. Best tackle: fishing line – 0.12 mm, a sympathetic nod, a miniature jig. If we had to drill holes only where deep, say, in ducts and where in the reservoir or the lake is fed by several streams and small rivers. There is a period, therefore, there is a oxygen for fish. And yet, for successful fishing, the main thing – the selection of nozzles. Good in winter and summer: bloodworms, the larvae of the Thistle, bark, thistles, maggots. In such nozzles it is possible to catch bream, perch, bream and roach… white bream, gudgeon, ruff, golola … Willing to peck at, «hamburger»: bloodworm + agrimony; maggot + bloodworms.

3.Bloodworms in a box …

Like, great, keep bloodworms? Besides, so that he was always «at hand»? ideal box with holes. Hole to do a lot and the lid of the box. Next, take the leaves brewed, sleep tea, but only black. Squeeze the leaves. Add to them bloodworms, mix well. Make sure the little worms didn’t lay one bunch, and each separately. Otherwise, they will soprut and look just fine. Tea with worms placed in a box. Daily this tea should be shaken. As soon as you begin to appear mildew, tea should be changed. Box cover the «wort» with a lid. Keep it cool place, dark. Note: not in the fridge!!! Box must always be closed and the moisture from the tea leaves should not evaporate. If you need to add fresh bloodworms, then the box should be cleaned out sludge to prepare a new tea leaf adds new, fresh, and larvae need to sort out. Should not be in the box dead, motionless larvae, should not be garbage.


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