There is no biting. What to do?

There are times when the fish aren’t biting at all. Comes on a proven place that uses the right bait, lures fish, but the fish not. What to do in this case?


Do not be upset because of a bad bite. Because the benefits of fish in the food changes every day. Sometimes it happens that some time the bite is just great, the fish one after another jump hook, but after a couple minutes the bite ends exactly as it began. If the bite suddenly stopped, you should try to change the bait, or the fishing place.

Fish digest food much faster in warm water, so in the warmer months, mainly for fishing.

No less important is the state of the sky. On a Sunny day, the fish goes to the depth in the cloud day stranded.

It is considered that in rainy weather the bite better. On a rainy day has some advantages: high clouds, streams of water washed away the different food in the water.

Also fish activity depends on the atmospheric pressure. At low pressure, the activity increased.

In troubled waters fish activity is reduced because it is harder to see the bait. But clean water is not so good. Because fish constantly on alert, as visibility is better and she should beware of predatory fish. The ideal option would be the slightly muddy water.

Fish is always looking for areas of the reservoir with a comfortable temperature for her. In such places it becomes more active. Walleye, for example, prefer cool water. This suggests that summer day, its worth a look at the depth, or in shelters. At night, with decreasing temperature the water, it will rise higher and be more accessible for fishing.

What can you do when the bite suddenly stopped?

1) Change of place

With open seats should go to places with rich vegetation and Vice versa.

2) a Change of bait

The choice of bait. Therefore it is necessary to take fishing more than one lure, it is unknown what you will fish today.

3) Change the line

Thick lines will be clearly visible in the water, so it can spook fish, in this case it is necessary to change to a more thin line.

4) Caution

The fish can see the angler, also, do not make noise a lot. No need to throw the bait out there where the fish are. Better to throw a little farther and hold up to fish.

5) Variety

Worth a try to catch different types of fish. After all, one active and the other is at this very moment, no.

Success in fishing depends on the experience of the fisherman, and the experience is fishing.

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