The working methods of hunting muskrats with abuse

The working methods of hunting muskrats with abuse

Muskrat is a commercial beast in many regions of our country and in General this animal is quite common in the territory of our country. For this reason, in some areas there are even cases of mass hunting this animal. In General, for hunting muskrats very often practice the same methods as for the production of nutria or beaver traps or traps. Muskrat fur is very valuable and in demand, it has excellent qualities, is waterproof and does not lose its form from moisture and cold. Hunters who practice commercial production of this animal, guaranteed work every season. Despite the fact that the muskrat can often be produced in large enough quantities, this kind of hunting can be called a rather complicated and tedious.

The lifestyle of this animal is very similar to the style of life of his fellow beaver. Even as housing uses muskrat burrows, which are mainly divided into feed and houses. The hunting season for muskrats is opened from the beginning of October and lasts throughout winter months and ends around the end of March. At the same time, hunting for muskrat, using different methods, the most effective of which is the use of traps and samolovama.

With the onset of cold weather, the prey animal in the water is much more complicated, as almost without exception the ice. And the snow perfectly hides all the outputs in burrows of animals. For that reason, find places to embed design in the winter time can be very difficult. And to do it right you can only use the hunting talents of this battle.

The working methods of hunting muskrats with abuse

Trained dog, in an ideal language, without special work will find all the feeding areas of the animals. But in order for the dog can detect such places in the winter, it must be pre-several times to take to the burrow. Without pre-training using a natural example of effective training would be impossible. In any case, the initiators of the search for such places should be swearing. For this, the hunter and the dog must move along the coast, past the places where probably are located the lodges of muskrats and observe the dog’s behavior. The scent or catching the slightest signs of movement, the abuse will immediately stop moving and will start to break in advance of their shelter animals.

The hunter must immediately come to this place, and try to compliment and encourage the beast in different ways. Already trained the beast it is best just to send from this place. Next, the hunter must independently meet the hole size after install design. Immediately after the installation of the trap, the place in which it is located need to be masked.

It’s enough to put a couple of twigs and sprinkle them with snow, and put the wand to determine the location of the traps themselves. Then the hunter continues its way through the waterfront and operates on the same principle. It is particularly noteworthy that leave such traps for a long time impossible. Check and the rental of traps, you must perform the next day at the latest.

As Laika discovers the place of the entrance to the hole where the hunter will set traps, she can’t afford too break areas under the snow. Once the dog has found the place, it should be sent and set up traps. When setting traps, it is best to immediately ensure that it was identification. Usually, this construction binds the rope and once the muskrat enters the trap, the rope slips or is pulled and it will not be visible on the spot of the catch.

Huskies, more than any other dog breeds like hunting for muskrats and therefore a better and more exciting all the other breeds tend to detect animals or dig a hole in the snow. All hunters that hunt muskrat with abuse is to remember a simple rule. Before hunting the dog in any case impossible to leave hungry. The language must be well fed, but not to let her overeat. A hungry dog can povalitsya on hunting lands for the sole purpose of gain and feeding, and thus destroy them completely.

If a hunter contains the language in the area of hunting grounds, the dog should try to keep on a leash. Dogs of this breed are by nature hunters and they can run after prey often even due to simple instinct. Going for ice fishing muskrat with abuse, can be guaranteed to increase the amount of captured booty, and also save a lot of time and effort.

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