The winter life of the fisherman

And in winter, the fishermen do not stay at home. Especially in the first two winter months, when there caught fish. Pull on the ice, drill a hole, throw a winter bait. On ducts is done in the pits where the accumulated fish for the winter. And a long look at the line – suddenly pulls. Pull – and there is a small Rudd or perch with your hand. What is this fish?!

Want a good bream or pike, perch. For this we need to go on About. But when you step on the ice you have to be careful as the thickness of the ice on the river is not the same everywhere. Should not swim in cold water. On this river is good to put imitation fish, spitted them, or worm, or alive. Imitation fish produce more fish than the network. This is the best option for winter fishing, and frozen network in the spring will destroy many fish. Worm for zherlits well prepare in advance or buy at the store.

But live harder. It is possible to catch in shallow lakes Mordecai, but we need to see that the lake is not frozen. Some fishermen are caught on live bait lakes udilnika with a thin line, before feeding place. Caught Rudd, roach, skimmers, perch sometimes. Another difficulty is to bring this little thing alive to the river to plant the hook. This is good to use a large thermos. Live bait caught predators: pike, perch. Pike in the winter is always in the same place. So if you miss her, you should go back to this place after a while and caught pike.

Winter aktiviziruyutsya burbot. In the summer he is not caught. Everyone wants to catch the fish of the ice age. He’s the only cod that lives in freshwater. Likes to hide in the driftwood. To catch burbot fishing rod on live bait caught in the same river or to make cuts of white bream. And best of burbot caught in the wicks, set on the water in such places the Ob, where a lot of driftwood. Winter morning udovich wicks, and there is a burbot on 5-10 pounds. But have to work, as the ice is thick in the middle of winter at the shore. But the work will pay off handsomely.

The local fishermen put on the river and samolovama. Catch Nalimov, Kostryukov, sturgeon. But this is a kind of fishing, as fish could injure themselves on sharp hooks and die. And the samolovama clog up the river. The spring on these places fishing will not work. Winter fishing much more difficult, but the excitement does not leave the fisherman even in the bitter cold. And that fish he wants to catch, beckoning him to go in the impenetrable distance for her. The main thing on the ice have to leave early, then the fishing will be good.

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