The white bream fishing in the winter

For a long time the catching of the white bream in the winter produced only float rod, mainly on bloodworms (much less on maggots and worms, harvested in autumn). Now many anglers use in this case plant tips. White bream can be found everywhere – and in the creeks and in floodplains. She likes to return to places of summer feeding near the shore, to a depth of 1-2 meters. Experienced fishermen believe a special passion of white bream to places where water flows counter to stop each other. Starting with the month of January, fish to sent whole flocks. Finding these places is a dangerous occupation, because they are the most common scours, why strong at first glance, the ice is often very washed over the bottom.

For white bream fishing in the winter to find winter fishing rod with a nod. The use of float here inappropriate, because for easy it will tighten under the ice, or it will just hang on the line, stretched the stream, it is not signaling a bite. The main thing that can help the angler, is a strong spring that will hold back the tide of flow, compressing the line.

Another important element was the long leash that will parasite on the course. The least successful of white bream fishing in the winter on the jig. Moreover, the amplitude of its oscillations should be small, and the lift of the spinner is slow. Often bite, especially in the middle of winter, follow after the lure has completely stopped. The white bream there are no special requirements for size, shape and the play of the jig. The most common lure is a large spinner with a red bead or a plastic tube. For white bream fishing in winter is perfect or bilateral bright baubles with a length of 35 mm and a width of 5-8 mm. Which method of fishing you choose on a hook, trolling, or a plexiglass pendant – choose only to you. The main thing to remember is that the bait can bite any fish, sometimes of significant size, so you need to grab a couple of rods and a thicker fishing line to be ready for anything.

Very effective catching winter white bream screens-gussets under the ice. To not catch one thing, it is best to use the gusset with a mesh of not less than 35-40 mm. Experienced fishermen suggest removing the screens out of the water as often as possible to caught in a tackle bream not scared away by bursts of the other fellows. You can also besides for pulling fishing line to snap another streak to the top of the grid, and on it to attach the float which will be located in the hole just below the water surface. This will be a good indicator of a bite.

As in the summer months, winter bream prefers places with a muddy bottom and with low flow. This fish rarely leave their home place to the depth, so it needs to catch with bait or groundbait. For catching of white bream in winter, fine food will serve as a small moth. If the hole is lured properly, the fish will approach it in a few days. As a nozzle used a worm, a moth, turnip moth, a worm, a piece of meat other fish and beetle fish all taste.

Bream are often found around shoals of bream, and often mixed with them. Well she pecks at the light throughout the day throughout the season. Passivity bream manifests only in places with an insufficient amount of oxygen.

The bite of white bream very careful. But this fish is very suspicious to unknown objects located on the bottom. Therefore, to get it even in the folding receiver designed for catching bait fish. The bite of the white bream is difficult to confuse with others. As a rule, it always raises the jig from the bottom with a slight pull. A nod this time to bend down and float to the side and down. Cutting and angling does not cause any difficulties even in case of trapping of large animals.

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