The white bream fishing in April

In anticipation of the open water season anglers like precious Museum pieces get out your summer gear. In early spring, as soon as the ice recedes, the main hope many fishermen associate with cool, peaceful white, specifically with catching the white bream. This fish before roach started to bite and delight fans of fishing, missed a summer float fishing.

After a long winter, inspect your summer gear. The inspection needs to expose almost everything. Weakened during the winter period the line must be ruthlessly discarded, since they may bring on a fishing trip. The floats are inspected for the presence of chips, and swivels – corrosion. While still at home you need to associate a sufficient number of spare leads, as fishing it is a pity to waste time on a bunch of them, and in haste does not always work reliably snap hooks. Besides fishing in the spring occurs most often on the coquina and thin Lisky leashes soon appear burrs. And if such a leash is not replaced on time, then he is able to break even in a simple situation. After checking the gear, you can start making bait. The main ingredient of complementary foods is wheat, and when fishing for white bream it’s a must. Millet is well complicates the mixture, removes excess moisture from steamed peas and makes the lure is plastic and adhesive. In addition, a small millet balls perfectly eats not only bream, but all white fish. Millet should be prepared separately from the peas, as the resolution provides cereal cooking more flavor. This procedure is time consuming, but properly prepared bait is a secret weapon of fisherman, so the rush is harmful.

In early spring, after the ice melts, bream likes to keep not so much on the edge as on the sandbanks rich in limestone. And on the river before you begin fishing, you need to make soundings depth. Because fishing on the shell rock always entails contacts thin leash with the sharp edges of different shells, and posting in such a place lead to a weakening of the line. Therefore, the run should be configured so that the bottom was only the hook. While measuring the depth, the bait can be put in a special bucket and leave for half an hour to draw. Then mold with half a dozen large balls and throw them just above the point where going to carry out the transaction. Bullet desirable to lay down as tightly as possible. For a spring bait amiss maggot, put on the hook a few pieces and throw in the bait. If bites do not exist long enough to change a place still not worth it, because in early spring the water is still not warm enough and the aroma of the lure spreads very slowly. After about half an hour suitable bream, and float slowly disappears under water. Most often the bite is similar to a hook, but the angler some sixth sense tells me that it is the work of Pisces. And similarly, after the sharp undercuts on the fishing line trembles bream. After a long winter bream often with sunken sides and downed scales. She tries to quickly eat and are biting very actively. Catching her is a pleasure, this fish is lively and fiercely resisted, and sizes in the spring she pleases — the average weight of a fish is often more than three hundred grams. Usually, the lure this fish is suitable flocks and fishermen, it is necessary not to yawn while the lure will be completely eaten away and the fish will be gone, like it wasn’t there, and make a neat toss another bait ball in the fishing area. Wiring for white bream doing this to bait dragged along the bottom, a little doodling on the ground and raised a small haze.

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