The variety of baits for carp

Approximately 15 years ago, it was believed that the carp is not possible to catch nothing, with the exception of networking, and now all has been repeatedly disproved. It is already quite successfully catch carp on a variety of gear such as bottom and float. He is caught, as applying from the bottom of the trough and in the water column, on technoplants and cheaper prepared with his own hands a variety of bait that are given to the feeder.

Technoplantsand specialized store bait, fun is not cheap, so real fishermen, many eksperimentirovat and analyzed to be able to choose the composition of groundbaits for carp, which you can prepare with your own hands and by spending a minimum of means, and the effect of them not lower than the store counterparts. Each fisherman has their own signature recipe of bait for carp, so they are several varieties that you can try each and make sure you select the most effective and acceptable for you.

1. Take a kilo of peas, put in a saucepan with warm water, so that she was at 3 cm above the peas. Cook over low heat to complete cooking of the peas, stirring constantly so as not to let the peas burnt, as it will spoil the whole bait. Remove from heat and while stirring add 130 grams of milk powder, then semolina, about 1kg. Everything is good to knead, due out plastelinovaya mass. After cooling you can use, filling this mixture in the trough.

2. To prepare this mixture we will need the following ingredients:

1. Flour, preferably wheat – 1kg.

2. Wheat bran – 1kg.

3. Milk powder — 1kg.

4. Potato starch – 0.05 kg

5. Vanilla sugar – 1paketik.

6. A wormhole, or the sand – in the amount necessary to bring to desired consistency.

So, take a deep enameled pot or bowl and fill it at a time, flour, starch, milk powder, vanilla sugar and stir until even distribution of all components. Then, in small portions pour the water and add some sand, then add the bran and stir the mixture. Now the whole mix needs a half hour to stand, and only after that it can be used.

3. Take equal parts of breadcrumbs and milk, a little meal, a few pinches of crushed dried dill, mix in a deep capacity. In a separate container, pour a little water and dissolve in it a teaspoonful of soda and citric acid, and then a thin stream with constant stirring pour in the dry mixture and knead well. Then, in order that you have got a dough adding required quantity of cereal dirty and kneaded to the desired consistency.

Remember that the consistency of the groundbait for carp, depends on conditions of fishing, for example, if you are catching on reservoirs with the strong current, the bait must be denser, and in calm water you can use a loose bait, the main thing that it was washed out gradually and created attractive to carp murk.


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