The use of ground bait

How to tell the sportsmen — fishermen at the international competition for feeder fishing, such as the world and European Championships, year in and year participants prefer to increase the proportion of soil composed of bait. About ten years ago this was not the question, if someone added a ground, do it very carefully and in small doses.

In our days the approach to this issue has changed markedly in favor of increasing the amount of land in the bait. Some of the athletes, the proportion of the soil can be up to 80% of the total amount of the mixture. This can be explained by the fact that about five years ago, the European fishing publication widely discussed topic of soil in the bait. Active popularization of this problem was the fact that even the masses of anglers in Europe is already practically do not use the mixture in pure form.

The growth in popularity of preparing mixtures with the use of the ground has scientific justification. Scientists have determined that everything comes down to reflexes. Fish exist on our planet millions years, during which time they underwent a series of stages of evolution, which produced and preserved them are a number of reflexes. For example, how food produces a peaceful bottom fish. This interesting process can be observed, admiring the fish in the aquarium. She goes to the surface of the bottom of the pond, dilutes it and draws in a raised suspension consisting of the bottom and fractions of the feed. The nature has put to her this method of finding food. It turns out that bait, served with fish, mixed with soil, more in keeping with the requirements of its natural reflexes, that is, it becomes more attractive to her.

After receiving a scientific explanation about the desirability of having soil in the bait is to consider some practical evidence in favor of this topic. You first need to consider the case when anglers add bait maggots, bloodworm, chopped worm etc. the Land is for many of them a natural habitat. Naturally, its presence in the bait allows for longer maintain livelihoods, and consequently their freshness and flexibility, which especially attracts the attention of fish. Salt and various chemical components of the bait mixture in pure form kill and remove moisture from the insects and larvae, and after some time they turn into empty skins.

Often the soil is added to the balls of bait that they become heavier and, as quickly as possible in an integral way down to the bottom. Usually this is done on reservoirs with great depth and strong current. With earth if necessary, you can darken too light the bait.

Large quantities of food at the bottom of the reservoir is good, but here the main thing not to overdo, that is not to give the fish enough of it. Well-fed fish is not active and is very legible and it may happen that she does not want to eat, cooked for her, the nozzle on the hook.

Sometimes you need to add to the bait of clay, normal clay. What is the reason? This is done in rivers with a strong current that quickly takes the food from the right place. In this case, as the fishermen say, it must be «heavier». For this we need to have a pre-cooked, dry clay powder, in case it will not appear in this section of the coast. Heavy food is prepared in the following way. Dry bait is necessary to sleep a little powdered clay, then mix thoroughly until a homogeneous composition. Then small portions add water to bring the bait mixture to desired consistency. By the way, is very important in the preparation of bait to use water of the pond, where it will be caught fish. It now remains to explain what kind of positive role is added to the feed clay. All know firsthand how tough and sticky the clay was soaked. Implicated on the basis of the mixture will cling to the river bottom, holding the fraction of bait. This will allow you to create high-quality, so-called for bait table, in point of fishing, to attract fish.

Adding soil to groundbait is, of course, is not a panacea and cannot guarantee to provide quality fish. To apply or not ground, each person must decide, based on their experience and the prevailing conditions.

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