The use of bait in the early spring when fishing for carp

When using bait, it is first necessary to consider the time of day, atmospheric pressure and water temperature. Ultimately, these factors influence in a decisive way on the feeding activity of carp. Analyze individual situations.

For example, cold weather with low atmospheric pressure —:. bait should be small, it is laid on deep and sure in the feeder even when there is no flow. A natural question arises, why in a manger? After all, it would seem, can be scattered and so! Everything is explained simply. As we already know, the appetite in these times a carp is bad, therefore, our task is not to feed, but only to attract him, get to hang around the bait, that is almost like the proverb — seeing eye, Yes tooth itching.

If we just scatter the bait, the carp will come to it, just try and depart. A further clear — «eaters» no, the bait will quickly sour, and will only deter carp. As a result of this ill-conceived strategy, we likely will not even see the bite. Thus, when bad weather and a weak bite the feeders required. It also has some special requirements. The feeder needs to be rag, it is best to sew from a piece of cheesecloth, boiled in the infusion of tea, of oak bark or willow.

It is very important that the composition of the components of the bait was scented additives — meal, vanilla, ground roasted nuts, garlic, camphor, etc. to List all makes no sense, since a lot of them and in each particular body of water they may have a different effect. However, to try and find a new need.

Result recipes repeatedly tried my bait (early spring), which gave a positive result.

1. Maggot –matchbox

Food for aquarium fish – 1 teaspoon

Cake – 10g

Clay – 200g.

2. Motyl – 10

Juice garlic-2-3 drops

Breadcrumbs -10 G.

Clay – 200 g.

3. Small manure worms – 10.

(live, whole)

Food for aquarium fish – 1 teaspoon

Clay – 200 g.

Ground nuts – half a teaspoon

You should pay attention to the fact that all the recipes live food (bloodworm, maggot), plant components (cake, bread crumbs) are present in very small quantities. The amount of each bait small — just over 200 g. recall that the task is not to feed the passive carp (in bad weather), but only to bring him in.

These bait each component performs a specific task: bloodworm, worms, maggots create the motion of water vibrations that attract fish; fish food, garlic, meal, nuts — affects the olfactory organs; clay binds the bait and prevents the larvae and the worms quickly get out of the dense ball.

Of course, all components must be fresh and of the highest quality. Such. bait carp eagerly sucks, but can’t get enough and revolves around them.

In warm, Sunny weather, the appetite of the carp is significantly improved. Now bait can be laid in small areas (including water temperature) and in large quantities. Effective use of the above-described feeders but in the absence of currents it is possible to manage and without it. The composition of the bait is not fundamentally different from the previous one, but now food available to carp. The challenge now is not only to attract, but also to feed, accustomed to go to certain places. Even in good weather the bait should not be a lot of balls the size of a fist would be sufficient.

Time of day for the use of bait is essential: the best hours for catching early spring — day, so all manipulations on the tab of the feed must be linked to them. While fishing, when playing a fish you must somehow scare the other. The problem is solved simply — it is necessary to bait from 5 — 6 and more places. When the bait is stopped in one area of the reservoir, it is necessary to move on to another, moving with the flow, as a frightened fish, and any fish, rushes against the tide. It is clear that it is necessary to predict the situation. . Let’s say if today the weather’s warm, and the next day promise is cold, you need to reduce the amount of bait, use a trough and lay the food on the deep places.

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