The types of hunting snipe, we study the habitat and habits to find the bird

Snipe is a game that lives in swamps. Hunting for it is considered prestigious. It’s a fast and nimble bird that is not easy to catch.

Snipe refers to a type of wader. She has a graceful body, long straight beak, long wings and high legs. Snipe is found in Russia, except the far North and South of the steppe. He don’t nest in the desert and in the snowy mountains, winters in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Snipe migrate from wintering 4 months: from March to June. The mating season starts he had in June.

The male conducts the ceremony calls in the air. Rising high, swoops down, its wings and tail during the fall, vibrate, creating a sound that’s similar to a lamb bleating.

The female snipe is engaged in the device the nest in may and June: in a swamp makes a hole, lines it with grass and lays 4 eggs, which then hatch 18 to 20 days. The male is about juveniles doesn’t care, although far from the nest do not fly away. Chicks fileplease immediately begin to search for food with her mother. They grow rapidly and soon leave in search of food.

Snipe before wintering gaining fat, so it’s time for them good hunting. Wintering birds begin to depart in late August and finish the flight until October. Some snipe that she put on too much fat, unable to wait until the snow arrived. There are cases of snipe wintering near the sources.

In the spring to hunt snipe is prohibited. Hunting begins in August and continues until the departure. Wintering in Central Asia and Transcaucasia, and you can shoot in the winter.

Take a pointer

For the snipe usually hunt with a setter. At dawn the hunter is on wetlands, moving against the wind, lets the dog forward. COP smells the bird, goes to the lift and stands up. Snipe out of the grass, followed by the shot of the hunter. The dog brings the prey.

Hunting method samatoa

To hunt snipe you without the dog that is slotopol. Hunter scares and shooting snipe. But this hunt was not as effective. Snipe takes off unexpectedly.

Hunting rope method

There is another kind of hunting for snipe — rope. Two hunters coming at a distance of 20-25 m from each other, between them low to the ground reaches for the rope. Snipe got under the rope, fly and fall under the shots. You can pull the rope in front of the hunter, but need the help of other associates.

In late autumn, preparing for departure, snipe can gather in groups in the most unexpected places, for example in flooded areas of the forest.

To hunt snipe you need to use a fraction № 9 and the gun with the barrel cylindrical drill.

To hunt snipe you all day, making a break in the hot afternoon from 12 to 16 hours.

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