The types of hunting hare in winter,opt for their liking

With the onset of winter, to the joy of the hunter with the first snow there are new ways to hunt the creatures of the forest. An experienced hunter is not just adaptable, and are usually prepared welcomes the change of season. One of the popular and very exciting ways of winter recreation is hunting of the hare by tracking.

Washing powder, freshly fallen snow is essential to hunting for skew by tracking. But if you are a skilled tracker, and can easily determine fresh tracks in the old snow cover, you and powder are not necessary. Many hunters like to hunt in the morning, after an evening snowfall because rabbits and other animals have time to leave a huge number of tracks. Identifying the most fresh tracks, the hunter need only follow it and find the hare.

But not so simple. If the skew will notice a pursuit, you will leave the nest and good luck will turn away from the hunter. You must be very careful. The trail of the hare very confused, twos, threes, loops, even for an experienced hunter it is not always possible clearly to understand them, but a beginner could walk around it all day. Therefore, the experience in hunting trilenium very important. The next important factor in a successful hunt is determining who belongs to the hare should. If it’s mileage you Whitey, you better ignore, shy and sensitive rabbit of this subspecies is unlikely to give a close fit. But Trotter, calm and serene. On it, as a rule, hunting during trilenium. Hunt down the maturation of the hare, it remains only for aimed shot.

Another kind of winter hunting hare, is hunting for zasidko. Here things are even simpler. Hunters are to find an internship rabbits. To attract rabbits (if they are in the woods) they can feed (hay, cabbage, willows and aspen). Very often hares satisfied with the internship on winter cereals in fields and abandoned barns. As soon as the seats fellowships determined or «organized», the hunter waiting for the night. Zasidko hunting on the night hunting, so the sky should be clear and the moon bright. Then again, everything is simple, greasing Ranger ambush (will fit any covers and winter camouflage) waiting. Shoot the rabbit you need at the moment you start eating the bait, rush can flush out the oblique.

The third method of hunting the hare is quite simple and straightforward and does not require special training. This paddock hunting. Here everything is clear from the name, the noise and the DIN of the hunters kicked hares out of hiding to the side, where the rooms they were waiting for another group of people ready to fire rifles.

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