The types of airguns and its best examples

In its principle, the operation of the pneumatic weapon type based on the effects of gases under pressure on the ball, and contribute to its departure from the trunk. This weapon is used both for training process and for hunting. One of the main characteristics of quality Pneumatics, considered to be muzzle energy. In other words it is the kinetic energy of the bullet at the exit of the barrel, and the rate is higher, the higher the speed and weight of projectile.

Guns spring-piston type. This mechanism is based on the forward movement of the piston within the cylinder under the influence of the energy of the spring in a compressed state. Most of weapon models of this type the cylinder is in the example. To the receiver part of the gun compound cylinder is made by one party. In order to cock a spring in a working condition it is necessary to make some efforts on the under-barrel lever. To reduce the accompanying human effort in some guns the lever has connection with a receiver part. However, rifles of the type the Spanish Gamo, levers located either on the side or back of the cylinder and the barrel portion remains stationary. The leverage the piston has an impact on the spring that creates pressure, which is pushing the bullet out of the barrel.

The advantage of pneumatic guns with this mechanism is stable, the speed of a bullet, but the shortcomings should be noted the efforts for platoon leverage and big returns. The best, and at the same time inexpensive models should recognize domestic Baikal caliber 4.5 and 5.5 millimeters, and the guns of Spanish companies El Gamo and Norika. and producer from England BSA. Much better, but more expensive is the weapon of German firms Umarex (Air Arms) and Diana.

Airgun compression type. The principle of operation of this weapon is based on the injection of air masses into the chamber for compression. Mainly the camera is in grenade parts, or example. The injection of air produced by the compressor or a removable pump. For guns of this type are typical in most system pre-injection of air. The number of cycles of the pump lever in fully depends on the pressure in the chamber. The pressure regulation may be made by the hunter as needed and conditions of use of the gun. For these purposes in many rifles equipped with a pressure gauge. This type of guns has a high accuracy of the battle, with a density of 15-20 mm at a distance of fifty meters. Quality shooting this weapon can be compared with a small-caliber weapon, but the noise from it, and return much less. Mounted on the weapon optics feels much better than the rifles-spring-piston mechanism. The best examples of guns of this series are produced: the company Anshutz and Walter of Geraniums, the Austrian firm Steyr— Mannlicher and American Crosman.

Gas system pneumatic guns. In this case, the supplier of energy for firing is a liquefied gas stored in the cylinder. In the 90-ies of the 19th century a patent was obtained, in which carbon dioxide in a liquefied state was approved for use in the pneumatic mechanism. When exposed pin on the sealed enclosure it is in a coma, and a certain quantity of gas is released to create pressure on the ball. The dispenser, which is provided with the gun, ejects the gas compressed in the receiver part and gives the movement pool. The amount of liquefied gas in the cylinder is calculated on an average of 50-60 made shots. The best companies for the manufacture of guns of this type can be called a German American Crosman and Umarex.

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