The top of a career fisherman, a real reason for pride to catch trout in the winter!

To find a natural pond with trout in Russia – it is quite heavy. The trout lives in the Caucasian lakes and inhabits streams in the European part of the country. Fishermen out fishing immediately after spawning. It ends in December, so trout fishing at the level of pure winter type of fishing.

Most artificial bodies of water where fishing is to be paid, inhabited by carp, but, as in the winter they are used very rarely, they let trout – the dream of any fisherman. The average size of fish in most bodies of water – half a kilogram, but in some there are far more large specimens.

To find trout is not particularly difficult. In the lake fish swimming around the perimeter, which is constantly moving, not stopping in one place. A big plus is that trout all year long spends in a particular reservoir, therefore, one and the same place you can come each winter and come back with a trophy. Trout fishing in the winter should occur at a depth of no more than two meters.

There is a popular lure for trout – pasta called Berkly. Tastes are different, but trout fish is very finicky, so you need to buy a few different options. Among all the other trout allocates pasta with shrimp and kalimarcum taste. Shrimp should stick to different. If you want to catch a small fish, will be tail, for larger specimens – whole shrimp. In specialized on the trout fishing waters catch it would be more difficult because the fish have become accustomed to the fishermen, but on a normal lake, it will be much faster and easier.

A great firm of spinners that trout love to bite, — Williams. The color should be Golden or silver. They can catch and in the flow and in still water. And under different depths are also suitable. Another great Japanese company, which enjoys great popularity among anglers Takeishi Electric.

Trout has a special liveliness to the last tries to resist, because to draw out her is quite difficult. Because of the resistance line may be rubbing on the hole, and the fish will float. So take care of the fishing line – it should be durable. Inexperienced anglers choose very thick hooks, fearing that the trout will break, but the fish is not so stupid, and too big a hook will be spared. When the fish will be on ice, at your disposal, you need to stun it, and then pull out of his mouth the bait.

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