The tips for the novice hunter how to hunt the hare without a hound

The preferred hunting hare with a Greyhound, but if You do not have it, then catch and shoot the hare is quite possible, you just need to be aware of some recommendations.

The best way is «hunting» approach. The approach you need to implement or chemotroph, or when very long it wasn’t snow, as it prevents micropit animal. The main requirements for the hunter is: good physical preparation, observation and knowledge of the habits of the beast. It is also important to know where the hares a lot, otherwise you risk to pass many miles and it’s pointless to spend time without encountering a single animal. Rabbits are harder to notice among the bushes.

There is need to exercise special care. In areas where the hare may be, it is necessary to go slowly, quietly, not making a sound, like a hare, fearing at any moment to jump out from under feet and are very quick to gallop away. The hunter has to have excellent shooting skills, as the speed of the hare is big and any mistake could result in the fact that the animal has time to run away to a sufficient distance.

Optimal weather for hunting hare quiet, dry and frosty. In those days, the animals willingly go out of their shelters. The reverse situation is observed in warm, wet or windy weather. Relatively open spaces often can be found hare sometimes hare. On a hare hunt easier in seasons when the snow has not fallen, and they have already changed color to winter – white.

On a gray background snowless landscape, the animal seen from afar. This type of hunting is called «Hunting userco». When the snow falls, there is another kind of hunting – «Hunting by tracking». The bottom line is that after seeing the trail, to marry him to the hare. In such cases, hare easiest to find on the fringes of winter wheat fields, former kitchen gardens or planting fruit trees. Hares don’t always leave a small part traces, a trace may some distance to stop because the hare jumped over a considerable distance.

Not to step on the trail, you need to go not strictly on it, but close. If the trail suddenly began to intertwine often, it is likely that the hare is near and you need to be as attentive as to notice of a hare, or a hare among the bushes is very difficult, and when they pop up, the shot must be fast and accurate. Beginners hunting is usually not possible. Why and recommend not having a great experience, to bring a trained dog.

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