The three most popular types of bear hunting: hunting for the den,with like and roundup

The bear is one of the most smart and strong, and therefore dangerous opponents for the hunter and the trophies received for the successful hunting bears are a symbol of hunting success and fame. By the time of year hunting for bear shares, respectively, for winter, spring and summer autumn. According to the method of hunting is shared by several options:

Hunting in the den

This is the most common, traditional Russian hunting. The proximity of the bear shelter is easily identified by the bald patches with a diameter of 8-10 m2, they form around the den due to the fact that the bear is preparing for winter, collecting different cloths and moss in close proximity to housing. But in the lean years, when the bear did not have time to accumulate the necessary fat reserves or the early snowfall, the beast can bear in the snow. In such years it is necessary to find dens on the trail. Especially at the beginning of hibernation, the bear is very sensitive, so the hunter carefully crawls around the den, not coming too close. Usually hunt four or three of them, taking with him two or three Zverovich huskies.

The two of us up against the entrance to the den, the other from the South. The beast raise with the help of a long pole, and further on the circumstances, but we should not forget that often, only hearing the noise or barking, the bear immediately POPs up out of the den. This native Russian hunting usually starts in January.


A RAID can be arranged if you do not find the exact location of maturation of the bear, or the beast was strout with den. Hunters arise from the proposed withdrawal of a bear, and noise, you begin to carefully comb the salary.

One of the most affordable and common types of bear hunting night hunting or hunting on the oats. The bears begin to come in oat fields until the end of August — beginning of September, leaving characteristic traces. The optimal hunting locations are areas completely surrounded by fields or forest, or deep into the forest. There are two ways of hunting on the oats: waiting for a bear lying in wait in the field, or build a storage shed on the tree (in summer).

Hunting with huskies

This type of hunting is very athletic, but requires nataski huskies on the bear. Dogs find the beast and barking signals to the owner, trying to keep the bear. Thus hunt in the fall and early winter, when the snow is deep.

In the spring, widespread hunting for bait. After hibernation, a hungry bear did not hesitate, and carrion, these are the hunters. Since the autumn, in the habitats of bears, laid the carcass of the animal, and in the spring in the area ambush.

In any kind of hunting we must remember that bear, especially a wounded, very dangerous and strong. Prepare hunting best trained and most experienced huntsman, have unquestioned authority among hunters.

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