The telescopic sight «Pilad 4h32 ML» its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Domestic optical industry for several decades produced small quantities of goods, often of dubious quality. Most recently, the situation has changed dramatically in the Russian consumer market has released a new and improved optical sight «Pilad 4h32 ML».

The development of a device engaged in Vologda optical and mechanical plant (VOMZ). Model Pilad is a modernized device r4h32L,which was released about twenty years ago and over the years of faithful service gained popularity among hunters and fans of shooting from the pneumatic weapon.

Housing optical sight is completely sealed, he is not afraid of water or dust. Has a high-quality shock-proof and anti-reflective effect, which allows the use of different extreme kinds of hunting and sports. Can withstand prolonged stress during dynamic shooting. Helps to choose the optimum distance from the sight eye of the hunter. Alignment distance occurs through a fixed displacement is 0.7 cm for every 100 meters of distance to the object. Improved the mechanism of a choice of reticles that can be changed if necessary.

The telescopic sight has the ability to select red color and to adjust brightness of the image. Powered by a single battery, the compartment for which is under screw cap. Included is a protective cover on the lens and eyepiece, and the lid is opened with the built-in spring. You only click on the red button as the lid opens automatically. Mounted on the optics are made of titanium and steel, but while it is rare to find on sale. VOMZ will soon establish large-scale production of brackets and then they can be purchased freely.

Characteristics Pylades is: quality and reliable appliance accurate work a correction device, image clarity, reticle is backlit and the execution of the shot does not move, auto cover the lens and eyepiece and a fairly affordable price category. From the negative side we can note the presence of yellow in the image and a small flaw covers for the folding mechanism. In General, the optical sight is made soundly, has high wear resistance and allows you to make accurate shots over long distances.

The optical device allows to make shots from small arms ammunition of various calibres. The reticle characterized by a reticle stump with a lateral alignment that allows to accurately determine the distance to an object mesh points used to measure distance grid with distance scale allows you to change the angles of sight and perform the lateral alignment, and a grid of crosshairs indicates the distance to the target, respectively 10 cm at 100 meters range.

When aiming, the hunter must combine the eyepiece with the output pupil of the eye, if done correctly, the sides should not be seen outside the shadows. For quick guidance of field optionally use the rubber Eyecup.

If you are shooting at moving targets, be sure to consider the movement speed of the object and take out the red dot sight forward on the path a moving target. Pay attention to the movement of the selected target and matching side touches the alignment grid.

After working with the sight in rainy weather, wipe the optics from moisture with a clean dry cloth. Store the appliance with their caps on. It is not recommended to disassemble the gun, and to make repairs on their own.

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