The technique of fishing on mormyshka

Winter tackle for catching fish on mormyshka consists of a rod with a slight whip (30-40 cm) of fishing line and, of course, nod. The latter plays the role of indicator fish because this method does not use a float and sinker. There are many different lures that differ from each other not only material but also shape, size and color. But despite the fact that many different manufacturers (domestic, foreign) release of a huge batch of this product many anglers using their experience, observation and years of «experience» of fishing design and create their own. Therefore, to talk about the catchability mormyshkas just makes no sense. Everyone is their own due to personal preference of doing fishing.

When fishing on mormyshka has its own tricks and secrets. Often it happens that the water people did not react to an inanimate jig, but eagerly rush to her active play. The next day the opposite, too much exercise fish do not pay attention to what she likes more lazy game. And the next day all the fish activity will be observed in the almost invisible game gear. That’s why it is from the game depends on the success in fishing and fishing need to be able to use ice techniques spinners.

Wiring spinners

Methods of wiring there are many: some anglers just gently lift up the jig, others also twitch it, and someone before the game hits the jig on the bottom. What kind of techniques should I use? Well, there is no single answer, all depends on the activity of the fish and its mood. So if you came to the pond, it is recommended «to carry out the test fight,» that is, to apply all known techniques of the jig in place and the results of the bite to determine the catchability of the game. So, let’s look at some options of manipulation with the gear:

1. Place the jig on the bottom (signal-you will serve as a nod – he straightened up), and slowly begin to raise (almost to the edge of the ice 30 cm to it) and without any further hesitation. After gently and slowly begin to lower the jig to the bottom. Sometimes the rise occurs not a single bite, although on a falling jig fish reacts very actively. This transaction gives an idea of how deep is mining, although you could use other ways of spinners shown below.

2. The second method is a little different from the first. It is supposed to already light twitches of the rod tip as when lifting and lowering. It is also recommended to do a short pause to 4 seconds, it is often in these moments should bite.

3. The first two methods can be used at any depth. This is the «new» – if you know that the fish is on the bottom, or at a small distance from him. Place the jig on the bottom and slowly start to raise it at a distance of 40 cm, stop, pause 2-4 seconds, then suddenly drop it back in. Also should be posting at different speeds (raised), experiment – twitch, to do a minor fluctuation.

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