The technique of fishing for pike on the balancer

The process of when fishing, it is necessary to start with the first prepared hole. A frightened fish can be returned to its hiding place and waiting on your balancer. Try not making measurements of the bottom to suggest what is the possible depth and lower the balance bar by 1/2 the depth. Not abolished the law of the first test, which says that if you match all the conditions, in other words the fish will be in its place, the bait looks and acts attractive, then at the first bite sakide pike certainly secure. So Makar, we can find in what layer of water at the moment, the predator hunts, beginning to throw him a bait, evenly lowering her deeper and deeper. Following a few (5 — 8) soundings at this depth, the balancer go down below half a meter and repeat the strokes.

This is not a cunning way, touching the bottom and checking the first hole, you need to run to the next. The strokes of the rod you need to make small but sharp, so that the tip of the rod was raised 10 cm to 20 and immediately back into place.

With a sharp rise (sharpness within reason) balancer performs leap up, and through you the rod is immediately returned on the same bait will dive in the water in different directions. That he sank to the bottom, you will feel a light signal in the rod tip. Pause (a second or two) and then do the next stroke. You can play smaller limits to change the length of the pause, the size of the wave, the uniformity of the ascent, and at the ogruzka on the bottom, can be a little parapolitica the balance on the mud of the bottom, creating a haze like a fish looking for food in the mud.

Bite of the pike are almost always first pause, but often at the completion of the stroke after the end of the climb. The bite may be from a sharp potager to light, subtle poking. Therefore, in order not to leave the balancer with the vigorous bite, the traction must balance the clutch.

We told you about the main principles of fishing for pike on the balancer during the cold period. Of course, during this fishing trophy catch may be other fish, for example, vsesuschy and inquisitive perch and large perch. Fishing on the balancer other representatives of the underwater world, how to configure the balancer is discussed in the following articles. Successful fishing!

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