The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part VI)

Zakanchivaja story about the technique of catching catfish in Kwok (see the beginning) you need to tell some more. Generally in fishing any hurry does not lead to positive results. The moment of hooking the fish is the same as on the cord and spinning. Thin tip spinning the best indicator of the first bites. Very often you have to fish near stone ridge. Location is good, near the ridge of the catfish collected in large numbers, as a large number of different species of fish. I hope we remember that som does not disdain anything. The abundance of food attracts catfish like a magnet.

But in such places it is necessary to fish with experience. Usually in stone ridge, there are many crevices and underwater caves. Having chosen, catfish is their your favorite sofa in front of the TV. Of these gorges Peeps only part of the head. Sometimes at ten meters length of such ridge may be about 5-6 kgs. Thus their sizes are different. So, when catch in a place like this, you need to give more resistance to the soma. Otherwise he would go to his home and he is not there to get it. Sharp edges of stones and shells he cut off the pigtail and leave you «holding the bag». Therefore, to avoid unpleasant moments, it is possible, and even necessary, to hurry. Because our gear passed the test of strength, and, therefore, we can afford to draw out catfish «arrogant». There will be someone who asks: why all the fuss? Spinning, the cord in my teeth? No better fishing on one spinning? I answer: no, not better. The fact that the mobility of a spinning limited. Rapidly changing bottom topography complicates the work of spinning. You will have to rewind, then podmahivat coil. Fuss will be much greater, and movement in the boat, and, hence, noise.

One more important point. The sounder does not always show the approach catfish. Catfish can walk right up from the side and not be in the area of the beam echo sounder. At this time, bait your spinning is not that deep. When near the boat, a catfish will go down the same way you came in. Analyzing the similar errors I spinning always leave at the same level and only on the trunk edge «sweep» of different depths. It is also desirable to fish on the same bait. You never know what bait he would have to «like». Spinning can be supplied, for example, a toad, and cord worms or leeches, or anything else. Loosely install a frog on a cord is not necessary, as it is not fishing at great depths. Remember! Yes, fishing is very interesting. Setting a frog on a spinning reel and lowering it to 5 meters, from time to time notice how the tip of the spinning shudders and describes a small arc. When the catfish is approaching the frog, and in turn, takes an intense fight in direction, as evidenced by the tip of the spinning. And here it is! For a moment the spinning stops. Describing a small arc, the cord of the spinning slowly starting to go away (and rarely in depth). No need to rush. That catfish took her and trying to delay. Wait! During a busy care depth it’s time for sweeps. As a rule, the frog no tweaks and tremors. If catfish had taken them, I will not leave you. Bite interesting and, as a rule, pecking at it serious instances. I hope I have convinced you of the need for two gear.

We just have to tell you how to keep catfish caught…

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