The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part V)

Vivarium soma … (see the beginning). Tired som emerges. Next, take a spinning rod in their left hand and the right work Bannikov. After a precise strike you can relax a little. Put the spinning reel on the side of the boat. The right hand take the tail and pull up catfish closer to the boat. Left hand do the operation, I mentioned earlier how to take soma). Don’t rush and don’t worry, not to do anything stupid. Before taking soma, make sure that he is sleeping, otherwise you can lose and spinning and trophy.

If you touched the catfish and he darted to the side, so he is sleeping soundly. This location of the hands in deriving the individual, whatever you like. After the catfish came in a bag, it is possible to relax and take a breath. Adjusting the bait or adding it again sinks to the mark 5 m, after which the cord take up and continue cochiti.

In my practice there were cases when catching catfish for catfish, do not have time to unhook them. Just throw the bait — beat Kwok, and again the bite, but the fishing is not interesting to me, it cannot be called a classic, it just turns into work.

What’s interesting: bite small and large catfish are virtually identical. The first tingle makes both the big and small catfish. But to distinguish, of course, possible. Small lively catfish nibbling the bait, while the interval between the tweaks are small and in the large interval between more tweaks; After a take small catfish is worth checking out the bait. As a rule, he takes off the worms, if not fully half. You need to change or add the bait. This applies to both spinning reel and cord.

Fish catfish of different sizes over time you learn to distinguish. Basically the beginning of the bite is indicated by a slight tingling bait. But when it comes to solid copy on your bait piled weight. A bite not once you learn to recognize. Hands used to feeling the weight of the load on the cord, so to distinguish between 5-10 grams of weight added to your gear, difficult. That comes with time.

Such bites are rare, but do happen. At this moment any movement with your hand, stop. You just need to wait. And cutting empty. Weight on your gear is starting to grow, give a little slack fingers. Let the fish pulls the rope, while well swallowing the bait. Sometimes you have to give a 1.5 — 2 m of cord. To strike is necessary only when the cord started to pick up speed, going in depth without stopping. Continued…


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