The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part IV)

Continue your story about catching catfish in Kwok (see the beginning). There were times when I was late for my hole. Upon arrival, I saw a boat, in which sat 2 fisherman. By the sound of raznositsya on the pond, I realized that they quotat. Some time passed and they left with nothing. Allowing the pit to rest for 2 hours, maybe a little more, I tried my luck. And within 2 hours took 4 soma’s, their size was respectable, and a case in my practice were not alone.

So I confidently work with Kwok is exactly as you know. The sound should be soft and mysterious. Him som good.

So, we are back on the pit, the sun rose higher, beginning to warm. In such moments, namely in the afternoon, som inactive. The best time for fishing, as I noticed, it’s five to eleven-thirty, and seventeen to twenty-one. However, this time is very dependent on the stability of the weather. But when we decided to work the whole day, it will work to evening twilight. While stocked bag of patience. You should never be desperate. In the hot lunchtime catfish rarely rises high. So the cord is lowered to the mark m from the bottom. Often the sounder shows the separation of soma from the bottom 3 — 4 m. usually it at this level is not long delayed. I’m just controlling your cord, bring the bait to this depth. Sorry, not gonna bite. But, nevertheless, I am happy that som is, and what my Kwok causes it to rise, even if he has no desire. And this is the most important thing. Not hungry now, want night.

Zagovarivali with you about working with thread, I completely forgot about the spinning, waiting their turn. Mark 5 m regardless of total depth, in my opinion and experience, is the best. Som easily overcomes any difference in depth, whether it’s 5 or 25 m. the deeper the pit, the faster he makes the approach. Approaching the bait spinning, it makes a deep exhalation, as if we are walking up on the 9th floor, breathe out: «All have come», while som throws a series of bubbles, relieving pressure in your body. They can be well observed during a total calm. And the size of these bubbles it is possible to calculate the size of the catfish.

But he went to the bait spinning. It clearly shows on the display the echo sounder. Making purge, catfish began to study the bait. At such moments, carefully look at the tip of spinning. He shuddered slightly and describe a small arc. Coil system «Beatrider» is starting to give soma the cord. Nylon edge to choose from for water, and to frighten the fish. Therefore, postponing Kwok aside, I take a nylon edge in the teeth. At that point, the spinning does not need to touch, let him work independently. If you have selected a spinning correctly it will do everything you need. And that’s the tip of the spinning rod described a greater arc. The cord without stopping began to go in depth. Time to strike has come! Abruptly, simultaneously switching «Beatrider» on the primary clutch strike. The weight of fish, plus the resistance displayed on your hard to build our rods. The spectacle is impressive. From time to time povyshaet the clutch. Helping spinning reel, start playing. Som immediately given to hard, but after a short time (since we have 5 m) it starts to take their positions. Rising to the surface generally describes an arc and again goes back. Make sure he doesn’t go under the boat. If he was able to quickly circle spinning around the boat. While nylon edge and do not let it out of my teeth. The fish continue, then starve it; a properly adjusted clutch will do the trick. Continued…


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