The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part III)

We continue to consider the technique of catching catfish in Kwok. (see the beginning). Sunrise on the pond appear motor boats. Many, not having education and intelligence, are at full throttle almost next to my boat. Sometimes I want to shoot his engine, but, first, not, and, secondly, he does not mind I will add. When approaching such a ill-mannered lout cochiti stop. Because it is useless. The engine noise muffles the sound Kwok.

In this som still does not rise, but only guards. Releasing madman at a respectful distance, continue to fish.

It may take a while and we went out of the pit the wind or the current. Gear out of the water and placed in the boat. Run your engine and go again at the beginning of the pit. There are versions that pass the hole on the motor is impossible, because catfish can lay low and never rise. This is not so. Saturation of the reservoir by the noise of motor boats is big. The fish are used to it. Imagine that you bought a house near a railway. Some time you will get used to the noise that comes from the railway. Take some time and you already will not hear. And so any fish. With the start of navigation until the end of the fish does not notice the noise of the engines. She can only stand back, and after going through the boat again to get back to his place. But despite all this, quacity while engine noise is impossible.

Back to the beginning of the pit, choose the direction in the direction where we’re not kwocie. Remember, friend, Kwok effective approximately 10 m radius; Therefore, well remembering the previous route, offset from it twenty meters to the side. Again, go abroad in advance. If the wind picked up (or over) and your load on the gear failed to cope with the course, is to lower the sail into the water. The bait needs to be in the area of Kvacany.

Back at the beginning of the pit and slightly shifted to the side, drop the tackle into the water. The tackle spinning rod remains at a level of 5 m can be lowered to a depth of 6 m if the pit is more than 16 m deeper But still not necessary. But nylon edge drop at 3 m from the bottom. Over the water sound carries well. Normal conversation can be heard for several tens of meters and sometimes several kilometers. Often heard fishermen discussing my work Kwok, saying, a man learns cochiti. To which I just smile. People used to hear a loud knock on the water. A man who understands a lot about kochanie, will never be to achieve a loud sound that goes in different directions for miles. The sound of my Kwok goes into the water. Similar kochanie really looks like from the side for training. But what was I to prove to anyone, I know exactly what I need to do. To be continued…


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