The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part II)

We continue to consider the technique of catching catfish in Kwok (see the beginning). With a little excitement, take a Kwok in the right hand. In the left hand cord, it stands at 5 meters. On the cord, as in spinning, I tied and glued a mark 5 m (weight). Saying kind words to his Kwok, do the first three hits. Meanwhile, a gentle breeze did the trick. The sounder shows a depth of 7 m and it gradually increases. With a small interval in time, make a series of blows Kwok. Sound Kwok caresses my ears. Not taking his eyes from the screen of the sounder, watching the depth has grown at around 10 m. the bottom of the pit — like undulating landscape. Helping right hand down the cord at around 7 m. the Bottom is clean, no movement at first sight. Make a series of strokes, 1 m — one shot.

And now, finally! A small piece of ground detached from the bottom and rapidly moving towards my bait. The bait is very well visible on the display echo sounder. My insides are frozen. Feel the veins on my temples are taking a large portion of blood. Sometimes it seems that they are going to explode from such pressure. Not making any sudden movements, lay Quoc at the side. Som revolves around the bait, considering, studying her. Wait for him to decide, don’t want, because very often, if he didn’t, you can swim for a long time. Slightly slow to begin to lift, pulling a cord, so that the bait slightly startled the catfish under his nose. Here comes the first bite. Some thoughts — don’t rush! Analyzing their mistakes many times, I know that rush is in any case impossible. Just know that the first bite is happening that is a slight tingle. To strike in any case is impossible, som just tried.

It takes quite some time, comes the next bite, she looks like a weak lift. The fingers slightly relax the cord, and he gradually begins to go in depth, but not arbitrary, and together with a facelift catfish. I know that this lift is not the reason for sweeps. Wait! Thoughts in my head only one. Do not rush! Wait! Finally, the cord goes in depth without any stops, thus gathering speed. Here it is this time! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! It’s time!

Squeezing the cord in hand and make one, but powerful cutting. Hands hit an invisible barrier. The cord went taut, and for a moment froze. Sometimes in such moments it seems that caught on a log that lies on the bottom of the pit. But no! Strong and sharp jerks to the contrary. A struggle begins, to worry no time. With a sober mind begin to draw out strong fish. Despite the powerful tackle to force things is not necessary. Giving some resistance to the fish, make her tire quickly. Finally, the som began to get tired, talking about it, air bubbles that it produces. Not forgetting about safety, bringing catfish into the boat. At such moments, at first glance, the tired fish collects all the remaining forces, making a last attempt to get off the hook. Tossing and turning, hitting powerful tail, heading back into the depths. Exciting highlights and thrilling. Giving soma to delve a little into the water again to pick it up. Som tired and surfaced like a log. But the case is still pending. Catching the cord in the left hand and the right-take the swab. One precise blow on the head, and the hat. The fish flinched and froze. It’s time to take her hand. Swinging their fins and with your mustache, catfish already not tossing from side to side. Sometimes pity him: how old he lived, how many illegal tackles bypassed and caught on some kind of Kwok. But behind it we came here.

Pulling the right hand cord, take your left hand behind the lower jaw, resting her head on the side of the boat, unhooks the hook and thrown overboard the boat, He we don’t need yet, and the boat will be in the way. Holding the head of a catfish on the boat, prepare the bag. To put in the bag slippery and heavy fish is difficult, but this must be done as quickly as possible. Catching his breath and recovered from the anesthesia» catfish will start to beat. It may even throw you off the boat. In order to avoid undesirable bathing bag or the bag should be firmly tied. All the fish in the bag. Time to smoke a cigarette and calm down.

The boat continues to carry the wind across the pit. Get the hook out of the water, correct or add to his bait again lowered to the desired depth. Fully reassured, Kwok take in hand. Keep Kwok is necessary, as a bird; not much, not to crush, and not a little not to produce. Again start cochiti. Everything goes according to plan. The pit began to fill up with fishermen. Very easy to fish, maneuvering between the boats of fishermen standing on bream or other fish. Clearly calculate the route so that the wind carried me between them. They do not bother me, I’m not bothering them. Each of us hunts for prey. To be continued…


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