The technique of fishing for catfish on Kwok (part I)

So, it’s time to talk and explain the essence of fishing for catfish on Kwok. I want to confess that writing this book with a strongly beating heart in his chest. The excitement overwhelms me. Well presenting and remembering their fishing, it makes me sad that I am not in the boat. Each fishing, or rather, preparations for it do not give rest. Haunt me sleepless nights. Their condition I call programatski syndrome. Like all over the place, all the gear are already in the car, bait ready to use and no rest. In this state of mind is difficult to calm down, will not help grass or pills. I envy those fishermen who can endure such moments.

Time creeps slowly, and I can’t stand the pressure, get out of bed and go to the kitchen to drink coffee. Slowly sipping a hot drink, imperceptibly smoke cigarette after cigarette. The thrill and shiver through the body in anticipation of fishing. At such moments, I stare blankly at the dark window of his apartment, and thinking of only one thing: what is the pit to start the calculations and allocations of any options. In General, the state of hectic. The one who experienced it, will understand me.

And here I am in the garage. Again check if everything is in place, nothing is forgotten. Let’s start with the boat. The boat is in place, inflated and firmly attached to the trunk of a car. So, the shop is also lying in the car, on the engine, tank, sounder, battery, paddle, spinning, string, bait, swab, Kwok, sail and, of course, the bag. Like everything, it’s time to go. I had a funny moment when, arriving at the fishing for pike, I was forgotten in the garage of your spinning. As I scolded myself for being so slow! Now I will check everything once again before the departure. The sequence of loading boats with gear to miss something difficult.

So, I’m already in the boat. Advance put everything in its place. All things should know their place.

Over the water even in total darkness, and I’m on my way to my cherished pits, full of hope. To avoid accidents on the water in the dark on the head I have included the flashlight. Illuminate your way I don’t need to, I know so well the place. But go forward or to the side of a motor boat can cause a trouble. Therefore, the lamp must be in the on position, this applies to the night time. Very often I come back from fishing already dark, so the flashlight I take with me.

The boat slowly slides on the surface of the water. Sometimes in the flashlight beam the game to notice all sorts of local fish that playfully jump and shy away from boats. At such moments, breathe easy, all domestic problems receded into the background. Boat along with if you crossed an invisible zone boundary. The same forbidden zone that attracts all fishermen. The area that takes rest and sleep. It is there the magic happens and legends are born.

So finally the boat approached the fishing spot. How many times have I encountered this place with the «mustached little naughty». Where is he now? I would like to test their nerves, boating on the elusive giant. Like in childhood you sledding. Different thoughts and memories if you hit on the temples. Many times analyze their mistakes. But as they say, repetition — the mother of learning.

Pass on the boat by the pit, knowing with some edge I need to start. Jammed the engine of the boat, and silence. The boat stops. After studying the wind direction the rest of the course (in the morning we got on the river the flow is weak), granted agree with you that the start direction is selected correctly. Appear on the horizon the first rays of the sun. It is not yet in sight and the sky turned gray. It seems that flashes a bright light and bestow us with its warmth. It is the time to start fishing. Already not in a hurry, turn on the sounder, though he was fortified by the TRANS of the boat. Removing gloves from hands, filled the tank engine to failure, will have to travel a lot. Refilling is carefully, so that the gasoline did not get on hands and in the boat, but with my invention it is not difficult. Gasoline, hitting on the bait, all its spoils.

Everything is ready, the gasoline in the tank. Tank is disconnected from the battery and hoses unwound in order to wave, they are not rattled. Unwind the tackles. Immediately pay attention to spinning. Despite the fact that the sounder shows a small depth, the tackle spinning reel down on the mark 5 metres, no deeper. The Tulip slid pre-glued label, so 5 meters is well established. The nozzle on the hook ready to receive its first visitors. Spinning put on both sides of the boat in such a position that the bait was in the area of Kvacany and so easily you can quickly take it in hand. Spinning ready. Unwind a nylon edge. Unwinding of the cable produced with a small margin. For example, the hole on which you intend to fish is 20 m, then unrolling 25. Remove the hook from under his feet and put aside. So as in the direction carefully, ring after ring, fit the cord completely to weight. The cargo put on Board the boat, and the hook or tee to take a hand. Najavljen these mighty and mouth-watering worms. It is not necessary to fill in the hook to failure. If a lot of worms (which, as I said, 100 PCs) najavljen each through the head. At the end of the worm and insert the hook inside the worm, spend 1-1,5 cm, and outputting. Thus, put 10 to 15 pieces depending on the size of the hook. Wearing the worms sit well, do not slip. Open the sting keeps them in the desired position. After performing this operation, is lowered into the water. He wore gloves on his hands, happy to see that they’re sitting tight, well fit brush of my hands. Continued…


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