The technical characteristics and variants of the 7.62 rounds

Caliber is the main power characteristic of the weapon, which is defined as the diameter of the bore. Moreover, the diameter measurement is made at the fields or rifling inside the barrel. On the territory of the former USSR caliber define it by distance between fields (tabs). But the diameter of the barrel to the rifling is also an important characteristic.

The 7.62 mm is one of the most famous and popular on the territory of the former Soviet Union. In the American classification of this caliber is indicated by the 30 m. currently available to hunters offered several options for cartridges of caliber 7,62: 7,62*39; 7,62*51; 7,62*53; 7,62*63 and 7.62*67.

Cartridge 7,62*39 mm, one of the largest and most legendary rounds of this caliber. The bullets for this cartridge currently manufactured in two types: hollow-points and expansive. The weapon is particularly suitable for industrial hunting for prey. A cartridge of this type is found more in the military than in a hunting application. For weapons with such a cartridge main advantage is its rate. Currently, a big question is the permission of use of this cartridge for different types of hunting.

Cartridge 7,62*51 mm, this variant came to us from abroad. His foreign relative is called the 308 Winchester. The use and manufacture of weapons and ammunition of this type originated since the L. V. Brezhnev, who received the gift of a rifle of this caliber and appreciated all its benefits. The cartridge is quite versatile, suitable for small game and big game. The bullets for this cartridge and shell is also expansive. The primary use of the cartridge is hunting for large animals, especially ungulates.

The cartridge 7.62*53 mm is probably one of the most confusing options hunting rifle. First, since the export of these cartridges outside the former Soviet Union, they began to wear a new designation for the 7.62*54. in addition, the ammunition 7.62*53 is used not only in hunting, but also sporting weapons. The barrels of weapons sporting and hunting different need to understand when selecting cartridges.

When choosing ammunition 7.62*54 mm it is important to know that the diameter of the gun barrel rifling (not the performances) should make 7,925 mm. For cartridges with full-jacketed bullet is perfect FOR carbines-44 and «Tiger», and / or the IZH and MP with the above-mentioned characteristics. If the bore is tapered, you need to use ammo for target shooting.

Very often you can use bullets from rounds of 7.62*51 weapons calculated under the cartridge of 7.62*54 mm and has a diameter of the barrel at the rifling 7,925 mm. it is Clear that when the gear cartridge bullet diameter of 7.83 mm accuracy is considerably reduced. Many hunters with experience using a special device, distributing the ball to the desired diameter. To use the cartridge 7.62*51 mm is weapons of 7.62*54, 7.62*39, you should not. Weapons chambered in 7.62*54, you can use bullets of 7.62*39 mm under this condition significantly reduced the killing power of the cartridge. You cannot apply for re-equipment of ammunition 7.62*54 mm bullets weighing 13 grams and more gunpowder from other bullets of this caliber, because its properties can lead to an increase in pressure when fired. The gunpowder in the ammunition 7.62*39 and 7.62*51 has an improved rate of combustion. It is very important when upgrading ammunition to understand that the replacement powder can lead to a decrease in the initial speed of a bullet fired or an increase in pressure of the powder gases above the permissible limit. The latter can lead to tragic consequences, both for weapons and for the owner.

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