The swab and than when fishing for catfish on Kwok

Continue to prepare for fishing for catfish, taking boats, shop, sail, mittens, we can not nm to recall the swab. It will ask aspiring soratniki?

So in ancient Rus called good ostrogannuju short stick. She was like a piece of a handle of a shovel. From my experience it is needed Somavia fishing as the tackle and takes pride of place in my Arsenal. I learned about it from a seasoned soratnikov that live on the Volga. Honestly, I learned a lot from them.

The experience of catching and playing big fish, these people have a huge. All the knowledge passed from generation to generation and reached our days. The same question Kwok also taken it from them.

So, Bannik. What is he like? Long handle, about 50 cm, of the cone goes to one end. At the end of the reinforced cylindrical piece of dense rubber. The diameter of the rubber 50-60 mm and a length of about 100 mm. From the this tool similar to a hammer. The handle I made from a dense hardwood such as acacia is well suited. Advance is well dried. As well as the store, which I use in the boat, impregnated with a special impregnation and cracked varnish. In rubber drill a hole with a diameter of 15-20 mm and tightly reinforced handle. Can the handle be put on the rubber adhesive, for example 88, the reliability of the lock screw. Screw better to take out non-ferrous metal, as the swab almost constantly in contact with water.

Of course, someone will say that you can do without the swab or just take a thick stick, a hammer or a hatchet. In principle it is possible. But it is a metallic object, namely a hatchet, has a much greater weight than the swab. As they are all made of metal, it is constantly exposed to corrosion, which, in my opinion, disgusting, when in the boat is a rusty piece of iron. Moreover, in an inflatable boat the hatchet is highly undesirable because it is a sharp object. Hide it in a cloth, makes no sense, as it should always be at hand.

Another reason why the swab has rubber instead of wood, plastic or metal drummer. The first objective of this course is to stun the fish, as I call it, to give a dose of sleeping pills. When hit over the head with a thick rubber you just lightly stun the fish. It remains alive, and a metal object to break the fish’s skull, that does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Big stick don’t work either. The impact occurs exactly perpendicular to the head with a stick to make one accurate shot almost impossible. And catfish, which you pulled to the side of the boat, pauses not for a long time, and you have one chance to make one, but the exact impact. It is not necessary to strike a heavy blow, the impact force is equal to the power of cracking a walnut. The best place for «dose of sleeping pills» is the center of your upper lip. Quite a gentle kick to som calmed down. In this place the catfish interlocking of all the nerve endings. But here’s the problem: to get to this point, when the fish are constantly in motion, it is simply impossible. So I put a blow with a swab to the center of the head, a little closer to the place where it ends. In this place he has a brain. This subject, namely, the swab must be in the boat always in the same place. The place you choose, whatever you like. But the swab should not get in the way when fishing and thus always be at hand.

The technique of using the swab will come to you over time, it is at everyone. I can only tell you how I use myself. When playing a catfish, even a small 8-10 kg — there is some fuss. Close to the boat to bring soma is impossible. When you’ve spotted the fish and started to rise, the swab put under the arm. Then you can do the upgrade of Pisces, do not forget about gloves. There are cargo, so som very close and now seem to head. Often, almost always, it rapidly goes back. Do not rush, no need to force things, fight as long as he does not get tired. Charter, catfish will emerge as a piece of wood, slightly shaking her with its powerful tail. This is the time when you need to make a precision hit the swab. However, it is impossible to keep the rope taut. Your hands must work simultaneously. The hand that holds gear, makes slightly slack, and the other hand to blow one, but accurate. Otherwise you can go without fish and the hook.

When you lull a catfish, you can make a control shot. Despite the calm fish, you have 10 minutes to release the fish from the hook and put it in a bag or big bag. Bag or bag should be closed tightly. Soma, the dimensions of which do not meet the trophy, it is better not to stun Bannikov, and gently release the hook and let go to let grow. This is a very noble act. You’ll meet him in a couple of years and, believe me, will be much more interesting to fight with a larger instance.

After you have worked Bannikov, catfish pull the boat closer. Definitely in the glove, make big toe in his mouth (don’t worry, he won’t bite), and the other fingers grasp the lower jaw. When you feel that the girth is managed securely, put the head of catfish on the side of the boat and remove the hook from the mouth of the fish. A hook with a sinker is thrown over the side of the boat to the tackle do not interfere. Then the fish pulled into the boat and placed in a bag or in the bag. Be extremely careful in this matter. If you do not use a swab, even a small catfish 10-20 kg can easily turn you hand, thus bring you down. Benefit from the swab that sleep som for a long time in the bag lying quietly, and, therefore, not floundering in the boat and no noise. I had cases when the approach catfish bait «sleep» trophy would Wake up and roared, fought on the side of the boat. «Newcomer» immediately went to his pit. There’s nothing you can do about it. There is a version that should be cut soma moustache and he will be calm the whole day. I have not tried. To me it seems a pity to deprive the catfish of its advantages, even if it goes in the pan.

I think that we managed to convince you of the need to have a simple but very necessary subject — swab.

All the things I describe, passed the test of time. Was sad and even tragic cases, when fishermen did not attach due importance to the fish on which they prey. I want to reiterate the fact that you fish for most, and, therefore, the strongest freshwater fish. Believe me, even a small catfish 20-40 kg weight can handle. Careless of your behavior in the boat can cause an accident. Saving your life is only a knife. And this is no joke. While playing fish catfish medium to large sizes (if you fish on a nylon cord or thick fishing line) on the bottom of the boat formed hinges. You involuntarily become on their legs. Not even notice how the loop will be in at the ankle. After a strong jerk fish the noose is tightening and… bathing is guaranteed. Therefore strongly recommend to have a good knife. A guarantee of your personal safety. And what could be higher?

Sure! The knife should always be with you, not to be anywhere. I use the high vis jacket, this is sold in every store for fishermen. This vest is in the area of the breast pockets there is a place under the knife. The knife must be sharp and always in the case. What I describe is not funny. I lost a comrade because he was not at the right moment a knife, his catfish dragged under the water. What a ridiculous and terrible death! So the cost of the knife is small compared to your life.

The need of a knife appears in those moments when a big catfish doesn’t want to be tired, making you walk on the pond. Well, if it’s a lake, but if you fish on the river, where there is navigation, be sure that fighting is not the stupid fish and if there will be a big ship, som jerk under him. It does not hurt, have to let him go, cutting the rope with a knife. Life is more expensive, and soma you will meet again, though late but better than never.

This is the main purpose of the knife in your Arsenal.


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