The subtleties of fishing for bream.

The bait you choose for bream, should be used very sparingly, because your tasks are not included satiety fish, but only the desire to arouse her appetite and interest. The number one rule and steady: the thimble must be much tastier and more attractive than the bait.

When should be discarded bait for bream?

Just before fishing. And if you decide to catch bream for two classic periods, referred to as «morning and evening dawn», then create at least two places that will bait in the morning and evening. Remember that bream large size avoids coastal waters, even if there’s pretty decent depth. The channel is his favorite space that collects an avid Resetnicov.

At the end of April experienced fishermen begin their fishing, in this period of the river is usually again find its shores, and on different size bodies of water finally coming off the ice. During this period, it is possible to catch bream us a fishing rod, not very careful after the winter of famine and seasonal dormancy. When the period of spawning, the bream will be more difficult to catch, but when the important stage in the life of a bream ends, he’s back with incredible force begins to bite. Period may and June is the best period for catching bream.

The spring, which occurs before spawning bream gathers in flocks, which ply along the coast, gathering food, looking for himself quite a good living. One of the features of bream in that typical position at which it feeds, is vertical. The best option nozzle will Motyl, the variant of the worm or maggots.

The well-head to place on the bottom or on limited distance. The following period, which lasts from July to August the bream fishing is not very optimistic, which is still quite successful are distinguishable moments that occur during grobania underwater plants before their complete decay. Though it is much less aquatic insects and larvae, yet in the bream fishing comes some, albeit temporary fracture. Under such favourable circumstances, success in bream fishing can continue until mid-October. Then bream, gathering in groups, goes into deeper layers.

From mid-summer bream very difficult to draw from a fairly deep place, and only when the sky is covered by clouds, or late at night you can pinpoint the bream, which for some time leaves its deep hole. Fishermen often record the presence of the bream series of bubbles rising to the surface. The fisherman in this case it is necessary to check the origin of these vesicles, which may be hydrogen sulfide, but maybe they are the consequence of life of bream.

You should try to catch a fish in this place. Bream will not be to rush for the spoon, which is extremely fast moving, it needs a pause in this movement. And even better is his reaction to the movement of the jig on the bottom.

What is the use of float?

This is a fairly standard way. Movement of the float include movement to the side, sliding on the surface and then dive to the bottom. The moment of truth in podsekanie is that, when the buoy is transferred to the bottom, so the fish will not have time to get rid of the nozzle.

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