The strategy of carp fishing

Catching any fish requires luck, patience and developed over the years habits. Over time, the fisherman understands where concentrates a large percentage of fish, what time of year is best to fish on the lake, and which from the shore, etc. Experience is produced with the years, but this article will discuss the main features of a successful fishing carp.


Varieties of carp

The Golden carp it is best to «hunt» for a swamp or lake, but goldfish loves running water.

Seasons of fishing

If you go for carp in the spring, choose a time of active spawning. For the southern regions in may, Northern in June. The optimum fishing temperature of 14-15 degrees. During this period, starts pre-spawning feeding period. You can not catch a single carp, but a whole family, because the fish gets off in the pack.

In spring, carp are finicky: it won’t sail for prey, and will wait until somebody will bring it right to him. Keep in mind the place of fishing to the next day again to go back for a good bite. The biting of a crucian since June changing. The fish is capricious and here it is worth thinking about the delicious bait.

Best time for carp fishing is in the evening or night after a hot hot day. Carp are poorly adapted to the heat, so during the day, in spring, in summer, it can not be seen. But fundamentally, this issue has not been studied, there are only guesses about what a carp reacts to the temperature change of water.

The choice of gear

The choice of individual equipment. You can fish as you like and you’re used to. Below are ways of catching carp.

For the start of spring suitable for feeder fishing. But for this method you need calm water of a pond or lake. The rod should not be more than three meters, otherwise you will spend a lot more effort. If the river over and deep use, on the contrary, the rod length of at least 3.9 meters.

Flight gear is mount snap-in length equal to the length of the rod. And match the tackle equipped with a reel.

Conditions for successful fishing

Good selection of float, its regulation

To ship a float before the start of the tip, that is, to bring it into working condition

In no case do not throw the bait big balls

Carp will go if you will not Supplement place catch

When fishing for carp in the spring, get ready for a great waiting period

When spring fishing give value masking: immerse the spring in algae. When the lure will begin to swell, around the float is formed a delicious cloud

Prikarmlivat carp in the crumb of white bread, formed into balls, you can use the seeds

Increase the odor in stagnant water will help aromatic substances, but in cold water the smell will deter carp. So feel measure

Find Karasin trails. They where raised or where bubbles grow the rushes

Types of lures

The selection of bait is also there are a few tips:

It is best to use several types of lure and periodically in the process of catching change: plant and animal bait.

You can prepare the bait yourself, and you can resort to shoplifting.

The advantages of the store bait:

  • It is the most balanced
  • Well absorbed by the water
  • You save your time

But not all store-bought bait is a good choice. Is fish, for years accustomed to life in rural water and lure her always in traditional ways, such as bread crumbs. Store food, it’s not that you do not understand, she did not perceive.

Thus, for carp has its own special rules, which are listening, you can develop your own strategy of fishing. In any case, the experience of fishing comes with age. So often go out on the lake or river to find a convenient way for you.



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