The story of the famous Russian gunsmith YENC.

August Bogdanovich Yen was a famous gunsmith in Odessa and started its activities in Odessa in the beginning of XX. The master had his own small production Studio, and gun shop, where he sold his designs. There are data since 1895, and it turned out that the house was at the Palais Royal. According to experts, Yen moved to Russia from the Czech Republic, 1883-84 years she was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and according to the famous gunsmith needed in the shortest possible time to emigrate.

Downloads A. Would. Yen began to grow in the late nineteenth century, at the time he was considered one of the best gunsmiths in all of Russia. Unfortunately, there are only a small amount of information about the products of this famous swordsmith. Was clear only that time that procured the guns came to him from abroad, often ordering IENC produced in Germany, where there was a specialized firm «Krupp». For a long time the master gathered as fitting and rifle.

L. P. Sabaneev noted in my Calendar that IENC able to collect really high quality rifles for the steppe hunting, but really it was so that IEN has assembled a world class guns not only for the steppe hunting, but also for other species. One type of weapon also liked and A. Vikulov, who was a professional hunter, a hunting newspaper in 1904, came a note, which received the contents «Obusek advantages of the rifle, by A. If. Ience in Odessa». According to the story, it was noted that Vikulov ordered the master individual weapons, it was a hammer gun the thirteenth calibre, with established trunks krupovskaya steel, and their length was about 76 centimeters, both barrels were cylindrical drilling. This gun Vaculova cost 285 rubles, which he basically was very happy, because individual weapons of this build and quality of the professional masters to was almost impossible.

After Vikulov received my order, after a short period of time he managed to have to check this gun out on the hunt. His words to highlight the results after the last hunt, and they were: released the first five rounds were able to hit four of a hare, and one of the shots was carried out in the distance at the eighty-seven steps, and the other a hundred and nine. Naturally Vikulova these results strongly struck, because he has never had to go hunting and to such sensation and excitement in the hunt.

5.09.1929 In one of the hunting Newspapers, posted an interesting announcement about selling the trigger fitting caliber 577 (14.6 mm). The weapon was made famous weapons master Genchem, and its cost was equal to 175 UAH.

Today, visiting the State historical Museum, you’ll be able to see a double-barreled hunting weapon that has no trigger. This wizard Ience, which produced this weapon in 1902. This weapon received krupovskaya and limited to a special brand called «three rings». The weapon fired bullets twelve-gauge. If you pay attention to the hallmarks that are located on the block, then you can understand that they also have German engineering. All kazanki trunks were decorated with a gold design, and stylized geometric ornament. These weapons were in a single instance, so many professional hunters were drawn to him, but no one can get it could not.

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