The spring fishing. What time and where better to fish?

Finally we waited until the spring time when the waters the fish starts to «come alive», it becomes active and swims in search of food, but still not as nimble, that is why spring fishing in most cases is very good! But you need to clearly know the answers to such questions as «Where’s the catch?» and «Who is catching?». About this you can read below.

Fishing for what fish in the spring will be the most successful and why?

The best fishing in the early spring will be for catfish. Som — heat-loving fish that prefers to remain inactive, therefore, the soma is definitely not refuse the Goodies under his nose. For the most part, catfish — the fish is large, so your catch, you can please the whole family, the most important is the ability to select the right approach to the fish. Due to the prohibition of catching spawning fish can only be fished from the shore, but this is not a problem. Catch catfish in all the house there are: spinning, the simplest zakidnogo rods of different benthic gear.

Also, happy to be fishing carp fishing rods with stands and electronic detectors. With margin carp tackle, you can catch the biggest catfish. This fish is a predator it is best to catch in the daytime (and it’s not only spring, but summer time).

It is recommended to feed the catfish on live bait or on the earlobe worms-Nightcrawlers. In the spring, sleepy and thermophilic soma perfectly and quickly take on worms. The best gear will be the most simple and inexpensive donkey-zakidushki that you want to throw hands from shore to side of the pit, which should not be very deep, such as pits in winter it is not heated, and it has already been said that the soma — loving fish.

Spring fishing on spinning, catching a perch. Tips and features

Like many other fish, perch quite a negative response to spring floods and fishing of this fish in the spring is very different from the summer. For example, the spring perch will not take spinners and lures that n takes in the summer, apparently all because of different water temperatures at different times of the year. Nevertheless, to catch bass in the spring is also possible, and the catch is quite large, if you know what to lure a nice fish.

At the spring fishing perch well takes the lure or bloodworm(in an extreme case, but the percentage of success is slightly less).

Perch to be found in areas with snags and grassy areas, and use the bait that will be attached special devices like springs. Also advised to use slugs on an offset hook (edible rubber), especially for shallow water. To load the hook is not necessary, he «flies» through its own weight. In the spring bass prefer shallow waters with different slopes, holes and small hollows, so the fish should be sought in such places.

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