The spawning of roach

When the roach will start spawning no one can know. This usually happens when the water warms up and the water after the flood rises in the coast. One of the meteorologists know what time it is. About the spawning can be found at the bumps is covered with the scales of the male, it becomes rough to the touch. After spawning, it all goes away.

A favorite place of spawning of roach areas with reeds. It can also be of bottom vegetation, water moss, or a jumble of branches. The main condition for the choice of location — a good warm water. Before spawning, females gather in large flocks, and keeps closer to the vegetation. At the moment of spawning roach rubs against the reeds. It’s quite a noisy spectacle, especially on the lakes.

For the duration of spawning of roach is about a week. When the heat and the water is warmed, the beginning of the spawning occurs in the morning and in cloudy weather it starts at noon. The first spawning begins in the small roach, the latter spawning a large specimen of choice.

During spawning, predatory fish get in packs and attack anything not noticing the roach.

A week later, the calf appears fry. The first time it is held in shallow water in aquatic vegetation, escaping from the perch, pike, Zander and catfish. The diet consists mainly of algae. After a few weeks the fry goes on insects and small crustaceans. All summer, the fry change place of residence, but is certainly closer to the depth. In the end, to go along with other fish wintering holes.

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