The solution to the problem of shotguns MC 21-12 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The barrel and slide

One of the main problems this gun has a problem disengaging the barrel and bolt. The problem lies in a circular groove in the shank of the gun. If you do not Polish the surface of the groove lugs, the emphasis entering the groove will be tight to sit there. To avoid this problem it is enough to Polish the surface of the lugs and the groove.

Also the groove may be skewed, which can also lead to prescaling shutter. This problem is solved by replacing the magazine tube, or eliminate displacement of the support ring of the stem relative to the brake.

Also highly recommended to choose the right materials for lubrication,because in the absence of the desired grease gun will no longer reload and discard the used sleeve.


In most cases, this gun misfires as a result of using cartridges with a paper sleeve. When firing the cartridge with a paper sleeve and gases erupt between the tube and the wad,as a result, the tube is detached from the cartridge.

To bad consequences may also result in cartridge with plastic case. The tray in the cartridge is made from a fairly soft metal. When fired the gases to penetrate between the wad and the wall of the cartridge and knock the pan. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to use old plastic ammo tray from a more rigid metal or to buy cartridges of foreign manufacture.

If you plug the muzzle of a cartridge case, the cartridge may be deformed and the shot wad stuck in the barrel of the gun. When you re-shot from a gun with a clogged barrel, the barrel can break. Better to use a special twist for cartridge cases and not to risk.

Still it is strongly recommended not to fill the cartridge with gunpowder. This can lead to serious issues with the extractor.

If the cartridge is not supplied from the store, it means that one of the movement of the working parts of the shutter glebae or worn out. For example, the latch feeder may occasionally stick,leading

before entering the cartridge tray. To avoid this it is necessary to sand the Burr and remove sharp edges in the box.

This gun served long and efficiently, you need to carefully look after it carefully to pick up ammo,to replace or repair worn-out parts gun.

In no case do not experiment with bullets. If you treat a gun carefully by the rules,that rifle will last a maximum of years and will bring maximum pleasure.

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