The shotgun or learn to shoot accurately and correctly

Pregateste arms to shoulder weakly effect on the perception of recoil. «The force of action is equal and opposite in direction to the force of counteraction» — the 3rd law of Newton. If you consider that after firing a bullet with some speed, the gun will gain in the opposite direction at the same speed. Before the shooting the gun was stationary and the total momentum is zero, after firing the pulse rifles need to equalize the momentum of shot, wads and powder gases, so the amount was previously zero. More powder and shot is more momentum of the gun. If the physical parameters of the guns are the same, a lighter gun will get a great speed, but the momentum of the gun will remain the same for guns of different mass.

After the departure of shot (bullet) we’re slowing down» gun shoulder, applying force to it, the same force (force feedback) feels our shoulder. The momentum of the recoil force is the product of average recoil force for the duration of which must repay the pulse rifle to zero. The recoil momentum equal to the momentum of the gun. The increase in the mass of powder and of shot in the cartridge increases the momentum and velocity of the guns tangible results.

There are 2 stages of impact:

Stage 1 — blow gun to the shoulder and it continues to move with the gun ago.

Stage 2 — the «slowing down» the shoulder with a gun.

A lighter gun will get a great speed, it is «sharper» hit in the shoulder. Therefore, the maximum force of bestowal above. If the return is transferred to work output or a heavier gun, or «light» ammo, or Samothrace with a long recoil.

The lighter the gun, having a greater speed has more kinetic energy, because the energy is proportional to velocity squared. The value of the energy the pellet leaving the barrel of the gun can be a certain criterion of the recoil force, with the same type and design of guns.

If you put on a shotgun rubber recoil pad, it will increase the stroke length cushioning that is at the meeting with the shoulder «stretch» the time of exposure to 1 stage, the output power will decrease. If firmly pressed the rifle to my shoulder, it is easier to move for butt ago, increasing speed and increasing time of exposure. When shooting prone faster whacks his shoulder, and shooting shotguns is better to do sitting at a table with a prop under the fore end. The big man will experience the most maximum output power.

The impact depends on the characteristics of weapons and ammunition from the physique and individual style of shooting.

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