The sheer trolling

Russian fishermen have long used this method of fishing like vertical jigging. Needless to say, this type of fishing is associated with the behavior of small fish life. Spinning is used up to a length of 70 cm. the Handle is make of cork, a thick, sometimes wooden or Styrofoam. On it attach a reel or motoviltse for a scaffold.

The spinner is taken too small, diving. Its attached to the line or leash is made out of metal. The spoon is an elongated plate or of silver, or of copper, and can also be made of brass. At its end soldered a normal hook. If the spoon was designed for catching walleye, and other predator, the hook, of course, hung a triple. On the other hand on the plate make a hole for fixing a fishing line. On the concave side need to napati tin to increase the spinner. Thanks to its curve and heavy head, the spoon in the water turns around and rushes from side to side. This move spinner deceives predatory fish, imitating the game of the little fish. To bring the similarity with the fish, you can bind the tip of the red thread or cloth. There is a spinner with a pin. Bloodworms can on her to plant without having to remove gloves, which is good saves time.

A fisherman with a minnow can produce pike, perch, Zander. Good catch going to be the first ice thickness up to 10cm.

The end of winter is also an opportune time for trolling. You can start with March.

To find the fishing spot, you need to make a few test holes at different depths to try fish presence, starting from a depth of 30 cm Spoon takes to get to play with pauses. Having experienced different depths you can get to the fishing spot. To catch it is at the depth where you first caught prey.

If more takes will not go, you need to change the place and depth of the lowering of the spinner. Fish accumulates in the holes, but maybe not to stay long in one place, so the delay is not recommended. It should be noted that it is desirable to use bright and shiny bait in Sunny weather.

In shallow water it is better to take easy and convenient bait, because they are good and play smoothly. If the bite wanes, it is recommended to plant the bait. To understand when to do the cutting, it is just hard, because sometimes it seems that the weight on the line, other times is banging the spoon, the third – stretched fishing line. And sometimes the fisherman seems that it is weakening, and baubles already on the bottom. When the fish are biting, you need to smoothly and quickly hooking and fish for her. If fishing is in the deep, spinning you need to put in a line to choose hands. When there is a big fish, you need a foot to push a hole in the snow to darken.

Vertical jigging you can catch some fish all winter. These include smelt, burbot and perch. By choosing this type of fishing, the angler needs to go to places where there are snags, reeds, cattail and sedges. Perch will be waiting for him there, and be pretty well caught from December to March.

Some anglers believe that all the same from January to March it is better to use a spoon, and the spoon to leave at a later time. The advantage for the fish hunter.

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