The secrets to catching bream summer

Bream is one of the larger fish inhabited the rivers and lakes. Plus, he’s strong enough, therefore, to catch this prey is honored virtually any fisherman. But some of them succeed. Because this fish is very neat, and in order to learn the basics of catching bream you need to know the basic principles and rules of fishing. Let’s look at the basic dogmas that need to know as a lover of fishing bream, and professional.


So the most important thing – when to catch bream?

Begins caught this fish in April, but rather in the second half and continues until spawning. In larger rivers, the bream starting to be caught after the recession of the spring water level. At this time, the water has cleared a bit of murkiness and bream become more active.

As for the active phase of the fishing for bream, there are July and June. These two months are especially famous for their cool, bream. He takes mostly at night.

To catch bream you and autumn. Caught it this time mainly in the afternoon. He moves in this time is much less. Therefore, fishermen have to spend a lot more time to find the habitat of bream.

Caught bream and in the winter, mostly in Sunny weather with a small cold.

Where to catch bream?

Bream fish is considered to be monogamous. If she chose a place, there is almost always. At the same time, the bream are very shy, and does not tolerate noise.

The same this fish prefers areas with muddy bottom. Most anglers believe that bream love the deeper locations of high mean flow. But sometimes, in most cases during feeding, it can go in shallow places. As a rule, places near water various bushes and grass. Therefore, choosing a fishing spot, be sure to consider these factors.

What gear you need to use when fishing

Fishing for bream using a float or bottom fishing rod. When you select the gear you need to keep in mind that bream is a fish extremely careful, and consequently to throw the bait should as far as possible. Therefore, the gear must be appropriate. If fishing happens at night, you need to use a bottom bait with a feeder, if the fishing is in summer, at shallow depths near the bushes and reeds, you can use a float rod. When using float tackle, special attention should be paid to the selection of the float. It needs to be more sensitive. So the fish takes the bait very cautiously.

The choice of bait

In order that the bream fishing was successful, you have to use bait. With the proper selection component of the bait, almost directly depends on the success of fishing. Bream prefers sweet smells. Therefore, among the flavors it is better to use, vanilla, cocoa, flavors of sweet fruit – raspberry, Apple. As for the main filling, then use a selection of cereals, grains, bread. You can also add in the bait maggots and bloodworms. Also it is necessary to know that the bait should be mixed immediately prior to fishing. And components must be prepared at least the night before. Bait must be fresh, otherwise the fish will hear the smell precisely cereal or fermentation, and leave the shery.


The bait should be closely linked with food. That is, you need to catch up on what is in the bait. If You decide to put in the bait maggots or bloodworms, then you need to use the appropriate bait. The best bait is considered to be bloodworms or red worms. As well fishing for bream in the summer time used steamed peas, white bread and corn. If you chose to plant the bait, then make sure that it was always fresh. When choosing bloodworms, worm or maggots sure that there wasn’t a lot on the hook, otherwise, You will have a lot of idle bites.

Using these rules of fishing bream, You will always be with prey, and catching this fish will always be a pleasure. Successful fishing.


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