The secrets to catching bream in December

Bream is the only demersal fish which is caught in winter. Almost all the time she spends at the bottom at great depths. With the onset of freeze-up bream rises by 3-4 m. and can be easily caught until mid-January. The bream fishing in December can bring great results only with proper selection of baits, tackle and tactics.

Once the pond is covered with a thick layer of ice, and the fish will get used to the new difficult environment, begins an active search for food. This fish, despite its widespread prevalence, quite demanding to the bottom of the reservoir. Bream prefers clay or sandy areas, don’t like the countryside with lots of mud. Fish wintering pit with a depth of 3 m or less to move there for the winter. Moreover, the activity will depend on the concentration of oxygen in water layers. The most active bream fishing in December is close to the hole or close to gullies. Although it is very dangerous for life. Find him wintering pit, you can fish it at least a week because the fish will come back as long as food is not over. It is noticed that the bream likes to take bait from the bottom. He may long to get to play with her, and to swallow only when the bait will fall to the bottom.

Fishing for bream in December suit absolutely any gear designed for winter fishing. But we must remember that in cold water the fish become more cautious. Therefore, the fishing rod is better to take the most sensitive (and the coil) and the line no thicker than 1.5 cm (it is enough for the trophy carp). When choosing fishing line, you first need to pay attention to its quality: it must be colorless and invisible in the December water. Flowing waters are perfect fishing rod with a nod and a quiet water you can use a regular float. The choice of the nod experienced fishermen are advised to approach very seriously. Since December, the bream is rather slow, it is more attracted by a slow retrieve with smooth oscillations mormyshkas. Therefore, it is better to take the nod of a length of not over 8 cm, which will increase the amplitude and decrease the frequency of oscillation.

The techniques used in summer, not suitable for catching bream. Currently, the most common are stationary and mobile types of fishing. Stationary fishing is happening in one place. You need to do a few holes at a distance of not more than 5 meters from each other, and in every place the bait. Process of stationary fishing is the alternate oblaivanie all wells. When mobile fishing the angler must constantly move around the pond in search of places of bream. The most common among experienced fishermen are stationary. This is because the bream are very active, and so he is able to find the lure moving through the water.

Going fishing for bream in December, we must not forget that the hole should be at least 20 cm in diameter, otherwise the big fish it will not work. In addition, the sudden light can scare suspicious of bream. To prevent this, the hole is advised to shade the snow. Of tips for catching bream in December would be the best maggot and bloodworm. Last nasazhivajut on a hook on 6-7 pieces. This nozzle is very delicate, so the hook must be periodically removed from the hole to check its condition. Often it is possible to do even without attachments. Fine food will serve any store-bought mix, or the usual porridge. You can also feed bloodworms, lowering it to the bottom in the trough. Although to lure carp at this time is not necessary.

December fishing for bream – a very exciting experience. But it is dangerous as the ice was not yet prepared, so you can forget about safety.

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