The secrets to catching bass in winter

Here and winter came. The ice is only just up, it’s time for winter fishing for perch. In this article you will learn how to catch bass in the winter, what bait to use when fishing and where to find the fish. Winters perch mostly small flocks. In the beginning of winter he travels reluctantly and inactive, and only the middle of winter, begins to move across the pond.

Where to look for perch in the winter?

Small individuals of perch can stand all winter near the shore, hiding in the grass, and to join the school of fish of another species. Frosts bass prefer to stand in the pits — the water there for him more favorable temperatures than in the middle of the pond. It reaches approximately four degrees.

In winter perch fishing can be awakened. For this it is best to feed him, then he will stand on the bait about two to three days, and catching it will be much easier. Bass caught a week or two after you get up the ice. Greater activity, it can be only in late spring, when it will feed after the cold winter. When you find perch in the winter weather you have to choose a quiet, calm, no gusts of wind. The most active bass will bite in the morning time, but the day and the evening bite can be renewed, however briefly.

The search for promising places to perch on the first ice

To begin fishing should be after the determination of the bottom topography at the selected site. Much easier and faster you will be able to identify promising locations in an unknown reservoir where known, the location of pits, ridges, sandbanks and areas with submerged driftwood. Perch fishing requires a responsible approach and effort, it is important to prepare for permanent crossings and drilling new holes. Note that even on the first ice, you may need to drill a hundred holes before you can find a pack of active predator

Note that the large bass always follows a great depth in winter it can be found on the extremes, the edge and exit from the pits. To start fishing you need from the coastline, but it will be weather. So, Sunny and warm weather the most promising sites will be the sites a few meters from the reeds, with a depth of two meters. In inclement weather, it is recommended to go deep.

To move from the rocks to the depth. The distance between the holes is recommended to allow up to five metres in each hole focuses on 3-5 minutes, this time is sufficient to determine the presence of a predator. If bites occur it is possible to stay, but if they are weak, then the right will shift from this point several meters to the side.

Bait for perch in the winter

Before fishing, you need to prepare the bait for the perch. As bait used Motyl small. It is best that the bloodworms were live, but can be stern. From the mixture formed lumps and thrown into the hole. For bait gently lowered the bait and you can immediately feel the beat of the bass caught. Better to throw the bait in advance, thereby preparing a place of feeding. Bait mixed with silt on the bottom that will allow perches for longer to feed in one place.

Lures for winter fishing for perch

Winter bass caught on a variety of baits:

  • spoon
  • jig,
  • balancer.

For convenience use the set with a coil and a nod. With a nod, you notice the behavior of the perch, to catch its movement. The thickness of the twine — 0.05-0.10 mm On a thick fishing line bass will not react, as in winter the fish are capricious than any other. For bass game jig will be much more noticeable than its shape. The color of the spinner should be light colored. Its shape may be in the form of droplets, bead, with copper top. It is also important to work out the play of the lure, perch sure to pay attention to the races jig. It can be decorated with beads and woolen threads, so it will attract the attention of perch. It’s possible to compose two spinners, pinning them above or below the spinner.

The spoon should be small in size. Although it is sometimes necessary to change the length of the spinner while fishing, from big to small. So the bait will draw the attention of fish of different sizes. You can attract the attention of the bass using strings to lure the red strings, but they should not be too much, so as not to interfere with the game mormyshkas. Nozzle for catching of a perch you can use a variety of red worm, Motyl, larvae of a dragonfly, perfect as a nozzle small fish on which he preys perch. Most of all, of course, perch loves bloodworms. Better to keep it fresh. And the most interesting thing in this case — the perch fishing.

Bait during the lift at low altitude, and then let her lie on the bottom. Then, a little while, again. Interesting perch will be a stir. Some anglers caught perch with rocker, placing it on a simple rod. Another important detail — a hard nod, as sure to follow a heavy blow. With balancer you can much better hold the bait, making a variety of movements. Hold the bait vertically, setting the vibe. Horizontal posting is a smooth movement without vibration.

Features fishing for perch in the winter seasons

Perch fishing in the winter depends on the season, it is important to know that the striped predator habitat varies depending on weather conditions, he constantly migrates in search of food. To catch a perch is not difficult, much more difficult to find, but if the angler fails, then on one hole it is realistic to catch up to three dozen fish of a decent size.

Opens the winter season – pergolide. In this period the activity of the bass will be higher, you can find it in the coastal zone, provided that the depth will be at the selected site exceed 1.5-2 meters. But here the predator is not long delayed, will take place 2-3 weeks after the formation of ice and all, he leaves the place. Assuming normal weather conditions, the activity of the bass will be normal to the middle, and the end of December. Now, how to catch bass in the winter will talk in more detail.

Ways to perch at pervalidus

In early winter bass successfully will be possible to catch using various options of artificial lures, for example, a spinner, a rocker, or a jig. Best perch caught on the balancer with a size of 2-3 cm, which perfectly mimics the behavior of a wounded or frightened fish.

As for spinners, winter fishing, they are available in a large assortment. To opt with this lure it is recommended that after having found a flock of a predator to search more suitable balancer.

Spinners is the simplest bait to use when fishing at shallow depths close to snags and other underwater obstacles. The hook of the jig is wound a small amount of red wool yarn is pushed or bloodworms. This is done to increase the attractiveness of artificial lures. You will examine each option in detail:

  • Balancer. Arriving at the pool, you should immediately drill 6-10 holes at exposed distance (4-6 m), then each of them gradually you can start to sh. Note that this lure, the predator is able to notice from a distance of five meters. The goal is to attract the attention of perch. To sh hole should not only near the bottom, but thicker.
  • Blesna vertical. This bait should be used when low activity of the perch. The distance between holes should not exceed three meters. Vertical lure perch are able to notice from a distance of 3-4 meters. Note that if a predator will be next, to provoke him to attack any difficulties will not make. To increase the attractiveness of the spinner is possible, if the tee will wound some red wool yarn.
  • Jig. The radius of action of this lure barely more than a meter. For fishing spinners will fit larger sizes. This option is the artificial bait is primarily used when fishing in snags. To increase the chances of success, if on the hook to impose bloodworms or coil tighter red thread. In the process of posting it is important to constantly monitor the tension of the line.

Features perch in the middle of winter

Among fishermen this period is called gluhozime, note that as a result of changing climatic conditions the behaviour of perch changes, now in the shallows and in the coastal zone it is not found until the end of February or beginning to thaw. Consider the most promising places for fishing in this period of time.

So, to find active predators need to go on the water and constantly drilling new wells. Note that the thicker years, the deeper parts will be a predator. During the period of gluhozime perch begins to look for places with warm water and with the highest concentration of oxygen. Such places he manages to find mainly in the pits with underwater sources.

Therefore, maximum attention should be paid to the boundaries of the eddies, sudden changes in depth, the exit from the pits, flooded riverbeds. Hope for a good catch during this period is not necessary, but still, if a responsible approach to the selection of lures and be able to find a Parking spot a predator, the arrest of several decent fish you can always count on.

How to catch perch in gluhozime

Fishing for bass in the winter period of gluhozime can be called is a mystery with many unknowns. To say even approximately at what point they start biting is almost impossible. One day, the bass starts to be active early in the morning, the second closer to lunch, and the third only in the evening.

Relatively good bass will bite gluhozime in the morning, but under the condition of sustained cold weather.

As for bait, the leading positions are occupied by small spinners, the shape can be any. Feeding the bait should be carefully and as slowly as possible. Wiring can be as follows. Drop the jig to the bottom, then gently removes her 5-10 cm from the bottom and gently drop, then repeatedly hit her bottom again and repeat recovery. Transaction continue to execute as long as the bass will not react to this bait.

The activity of the predator depends on the atmospheric pressure. So, at constant pressure, the perch will be caught consistently, bait can be used the same. A sudden change in atmospheric pressure the behavior of the predator becomes predictable, it starts to constantly change place of residence. In addition it will be constantly changing preferences, this means that the fisherman will have certain periods of time when there is no biting to change the artificial bait and fishing technique.

You need to be careful when removing perch under fin contains poison, so take it cautiously.

Good luck fishing!

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