The secrets to catching bass in November


Despite conflicting and unpredictable November weather, anglers are making good catches. This is especially true of predators and perch was one of them. Perch fishing in November is possible in the first thin ice and open water, which has not yet had time to freeze. In other words, November is the month of unique experiments.

Real fishermen should always be prepared for any weather conditions. The main thing that they were stable, without abrupt changes, then the fish will bite much better. Fish, like people, are very sensitive to changes in pressure. Fishing in late autumn are the most favorable reservoirs in which there is much indented coastline. At the edge of them, it is desirable to grow the forest and attended coastal vegetation that will serve as a good protection from the cold autumn wind.

Bass bite best early in the morning and in the evening period. This is due to the fact that at this time he feeds. Catch him better where he can hide in natural shelters in the form of curbs and submerged snags. Sea bass fishing in November in such places is particularly important, since it is here that he produces his own food and hiding from larger predators. Given these features of the behavior of the perch, you need to choose the right place and time for fishing, so don’t waste your time in vain.

If you are lucky and fishing you come to warm Sunny weather, then perch often can be caught in shallow areas. Here, the water warms up quickly, depending on the depth of the site, as well as the intensity of sunlight. In addition, the activity of this predator depends on the atmospheric pressure, since most fish are sensitive to the weather. Under reduced pressure to bite will be better and at high almost all the fish down into the depths.

When fishing for bass in November are the most effective tackle spinning type. The rod need to choose the longest, averaging about 5 metres, so you’ll have to throw away. This is because when the temperature drops, the algae die off, then the water becomes more transparent. It is much easier to make precise casts. There is another important point: the gear and clothing should not be bright colors so as not to scare off suspicious fish.

To catch the cunning perch, which at this time of year is also very careful, it is best to use fishing line braided type, as well as the coil — the «meat grinder» (as the fishermen call it). The thickness of the twine should be within 0.08 mm.

To solve the problem of biting a smaller fish, you can just take the hook more. In the second half of November, the predator is good at trolling, don’t hesitate and cranks. To attract perch for small poppers. In the pond where a lot of young people, professionals advise to opt for the Popper — it will be more effective. As for the spinners, it can be used almost for any body of water.

When fishing for perch in November, using as the main snap-in spoon, has its own peculiarities. For example, the game lures should be less dynamic than in summer. Often the bass comes in pre-fed fishermen.

If you use float, then just look at it and wait for a miracle is not necessary. Here you need to do a minor action and change the horizon of fishing. Most often such actions revive the interest of the fish to the bait.

Professionals lure in advance the place where you want to come fishing. This should be done the day before fishing. Best bait are small fractions to the fish appetite.

The November fishing season is in full swing. This is the time when the weather is often unpredictable. The most productive perch fishing in November, fishing is considered to be mobile. You need to decide on the experiments to provide a variety of interesting and super fishing.

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