The secrets to catching bass in December

The winter season for many fishermen begins with perch in December. And this is understandable, since the first ice first puts the bays and shallow waters – where he lives and hunts the fish. In stagnant water bodies that do not flow into small rivers and streams, to catch a good perch is unlikely. Small perch live almost everywhere, but to catch a big one, will have to find a good tankless water. The fit and the lake, fed by surface and underwater keys.


Success in catching bass in December in the first place depends on the correctly chosen tactics in search of a predator. You need to be prepared for the fact that the angler will have to move constantly. In early winter bass prefer to stay at shallow depths (no more than 3 meters). Predator hunts most often in reed beds, or near them, so fishermen are advised to drill a few holes in places. As soon as caught the first fish, the tackle necessary to throw in the same hole and the same depth – a good catch is guaranteed to you, because one hole can fit a few dozen perch. Lowering the temperature of the water and cover the pond with a thick ice crust cause the perch to move actively in search of food, so during this time it attracted large driftwood, rocks, submerged trees, deep pools and pits, steep banks, a place where you can hide the fry.

On the first ice perch as active, so fishing can be done in any gear, whether bezmetallny tackle, jig with a crank, spinner or balancer. For perch in December from the variety of gear experienced fishermen advised to give preference to the spinners and balancers, because spinners often come across small instances. Trolling not only allows you to catch a big one, but also helps in finding fish. In addition, the spinner appears greater in cold water than the jig. Than interested in a large bass in this pond see – saw or jig is very hard to predict even for an experienced angler. In fishing stores, you can find tackle different configurations and sizes, with single or treble hooks and hooks. But when you select the basic attention it is better to give them originality and quality hooks.

As bait for perch fishing in December can be a bloodworm, maggots or other insect larvae, available. You can also use slices of raw fish eyes and fins of a perch. Very popular with the predator are the larvae of dragonflies. If any of this in your Arsenal, you can plant on a hook a piece of yellow, red, or black cambrica.

Certain councils in the choice of spinning for perch in December-no to. you can take almost any winter bait. Fishing line requires no special attention. But the nod you need to choose depending on the size and weight of the lure. Perfect cone-shaped hard nod size up to 6 cm with a bending angle of 20-30 degrees.

The best weather for perch in December – warm, clear, calm and Sunny, with a slight South wind and air temperature is above minus 5 degrees. An important role in this process is atmospheric pressure. When high, the fish will take the bait at the bottom, and low — will begin to bite mostly in the upper layers of the water. Main thing is to avoid abrupt changes. To determine exactly what time of day most active flows sea bass fishing in December is difficult. In some cases, the fish bite better in the morning, sometimes afternoon or evening. So, after spending the whole day with no bites, not in a hurry to go home or change the hole. Dusk can start is fantastic, but, alas, short-lived biting. Back to this hole on the following day. Good bite lasts usually until the end of December.

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