The secrets of successful fishing — fishing for roach

Fishing plotui

Roach has a second name, the people, roach. Found almost everywhere throughout Russia. Roach lives in lakes, ponds, reservoirs and rivers. Keeps the flock in the pond. Caught all year round and the number in the waters of her great. Prefers rivers with slow flow, with a strong current avoids. Prefers weedy ponds.

Silver body, elongated. Fins light reddish. In good conditions, can reach a length of about 45 centimeters and weight about 2 pounds. But to catch such a rare, often weighing up to 300 grams.

The diet includes larvae of insects, mollusks, worms, algae, plankton. The best bite can be observed from April to June. In July is a pause. Intense and starts biting again in August-September. The spring bite better in the afternoon, in other periods at dawn. Kept a flock of roach on the border of the depths and shallows and currents and standing water. Is roach near the shore. The current washes the shore with food for roaches.

The rod is used long, but not more than 5 metres in length must be rigid. The fishing line used is not thick, about the diameter of 0.2 mm. The leash is more thin the basic scaffold, and its length is not less than 25 centimeters. The hook should not be large, somewhere in the No. 1-3(4), Russian numbering. The shank in not too long. The float is good to use elongated, it is more sensitive than other species. As a float is sometimes used a quill pen.

Baits are worms, bread, bloodworm , grain oats and millet. You can add bread, which has to be dipped in anise oil or honey. In June you can use the greenery that grows on the rocks of the pond. You can still use the hemp. Semolina and millet is good to use in spring and summer in ponds or lakes.

Unlike many fish, in cloudy weather, roach bite is no worse than in the beautiful weather. Is roach at different depths, so you need to look for her. Good biting is in the morning, since dawn. Spring and summer are biting well in 10 hours, and to the West.

Bait — often the same bait. For example, you can throw 5 pieces of hearts every minute in the water, and while it would be nice to move the water in the bait, it only would attract more roaches.

Sometimes while fishing, you can pull out the float a few inches from the water and gently lower. Repeat a few times.

Well caught roach on the lakes on the ridge, approximately in July-August. To throw the spoon should be between the water lilies. But be careful not to cut sharply, and not to delay the trip, and then tackle becomes entangled in vegetation.

At the fishing spot in advance you can put the bait such as meal worms and butterflies. They will attract the roach, and it will give you good success.

Fishing line when fishing keep in preload, it is necessary in order to strike. If no bites, then change the depth of the float, and after that, if no bites, then you should change the place of fishing. Sometimes it’s hard to fish with a float and it is removed, and begin fishing in the plummet, bite expressed a strong blow.

Small roach obsesive hook, bait. The bite from large roach expressed by the flooding of the oars in the water, small rattling float.

In the winter, for successful fishing, the best place to lure fishing. Are used in winter baits oblong. Baits will be the butterflies, thistles and bread. Sometimes, instead of bait, use beads that are red or yellow. Should act in the same way. That is, change the depth and, if no hit, then change the place. Good luck!


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