The secrets of successful fishing — fishing for Chub


In many small and big rivers of our country there are strong and hardy fish, the Chub. It belongs to the family Cyprinidae. His fishing is considered a sport, as it is quite hard to catch the unprepared angler. But also a professional fisherman is not often returned with prey.

Chub lives in rivers, where at least sometimes there are strong currents. It can also be found in rivers with cool water and a good flow.

Sometimes chubs are called «prototype trout». Similarities with trout Chub does not have any, but because of the location, accommodation and excellent endurance is the name it receives is not in vain. Keeping always on the course and in cold water, Chub very careful and floats away from the slightest noise. If you can stalk the Chub on distance casting, half the work is already done. Now the main thing is to throw the bait into the water so that the fish are not scared. At this point, many anglers hunt for the Chub stopped because heard a splash, Chub goes into depth and can be rather long not to go. To quietly approach the fish, try not to wear brightly colored clothing and, stepping from heel to toe, as little as possible to stomp that scares the fish.

If you do decide to catch a few representatives of this species of fish to begin with should be well prepared gear. The rod it is desirable not to use very long (up to 4 meters) and easy. As you are unlikely to have the opportunity to put the bait on the ground. The line should choose a highly durable and thin (0.22 mm). If you use thicker fishing line, then you will not wait for the fish to bite. There are several ways of catching Chub, which are equally effective.


Fishing on the float rod are good because you can catch golola, which has already gone to the bottom. Especially well from the bottom of the Chub caught on bread, wheat, corn and worm. It is desirable when fishing golola on the float rod to fish before a storm or during rain as the falling drops frighten the fish and almost all Chub going on the bottom. It is necessary to periodically throw the bait in the form of meal or bran. This way you will be able to hold the flock for some time. If you do not bite more than ten minutes, you can safely leave this place and seek another berth Chub as the fish already here.

A popular and very interesting catching golola on insects and floating baits. You can use the spinning bezinertsionnaja coil, but still, it’s better suited fly fishing rod. Fishing line is better to use thin, and that is important – floating. Perfect braided cord yellow or white in diameter not more than 0.10 mm. Before fishing, the line should be lubricated with liquid silicone spray or banks, it will give the buoyancy of the line. Nylon fishing line for the data of silicone grease is not suitable. As bait is perfect grasshopper, fly, chafer, and other insects. Not many know, but Chub can be caught on the Colorado potato beetle that when fishing in summer, not hard to find. The goods do not have to use. It is important that your bait adrift and preferably alive.

Biting golola very unpredictable and when fishing on the float rod should not put it on the ground. Chub – fish is quite strong and can easily steal your bait while you turn away. When fishing for insects, care should be taken when casting to throw the should be a few meters up turning from the Parking lot of Chub that he was not afraid. After a take we had to wait until the fish pulls the bait. Don’t be afraid of strong holds, since golola lips are probably the most durable of all freshwater fish, and due to this, he rarely fails.


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