The secrets of successful fishing — fishing for carp

One of the most popular industrial freshwater fish is the carp. He lives throughout Russia, almost all rivers and lakes, and even in some maloprotochnyh ponds, this fish reaches a relatively large size. Carp can grow up to 30-40 pounds, which is important if you are engaged in industrial fishing. Sometimes, in large flowing rivers, carp can grow to 70 pounds, eating garbage from the bottom and perfectly brings the winter in deep areas of the river.

There are many types of carp fishing and each has its secrets.

Carp can be caught on the float rod. Especially it is good for ponds when fishing for small instances, up to 2 kg. Tackle to collect preferably made of thin fishing line with a diameter of not more than 0.25. Since the carp fish is careful, using a thin fishing line will increase your chances for a strike. Before fishing it is desirable to feed the place, and this is best done the day before fishing about 2 times a day, tossing food.

As bait it is desirable to use sunflower press cake (oil cake), not using any flavors, as a flavoring combined with the smell of cake and only frightens the fish. Bait can serve almost everything. Worm-like dung and earthy, perfect for fishing. Vegetable baits perfect corn, boiled potatoes, cut in small pieces, bread, cubes of cake. Corn it is desirable to use canned, as a pleasant smell that attracts the fish. As for potatoes, it need some think that he was never off the hook when casting and fish no other fish devoured the bait. The more impaled a piece of potato, the more you can expect fish, but should not be hung too large pieces, that you can just scare away the fish and help to ensure that I never wait for the fish to bite. After the first pulled out a fish is to throw a little bit of makeup that will keep the carp longer in place.

Also good fishing for carp on the bottom gear.

When fishing baits, you should consider the size of Boyle and fish you plan to catch. If you use too little, Boyle, carp, you do not wait, because not only carp caught on boilies, and your bait will be eaten by carp, roach or even some fish. Also there is a little known method of fishing. Fishing with maksatic. The name comes from the Ukraine and not many people know that this type of fishing is the most convenient, reliable and profitable. As a gear is used the normal spinning, which put the fishing line with a diameter of from 0.35 or more. The use of thick fishing line virtually eliminates the possibility of breakage, which increases the reliability of the equipment. By the end of the fishing line snaps the lead plate is slightly smaller in size matchboxes. The plate thickness shall not exceed the thickness of paper folded in half, if you break the box of matches. At the corners of the plate are drilled small holes, which were the leashes of braided fishing line. Leads become attached to a durable wrought iron hooks small, and better small size. Do not use too little hooks, as they will be broken at the first bite. Above the lead plate to fit the loop, which will Rosaviatsia our bait. The bait will serve as a pressed cake, which should be cut into cubes a little bigger than the plate. The cube of cake is inserted into the loop and tightened so that the cake tightly to the plate. The hammer hooks at the corners of the cube cake. Don’t be afraid to score, otherwise, if they are badly patched, possible snow fish and empty the cuttings. For that we need strong hooks. Tackle ready, just need to check on the matter. It is advisable to throw in the open field. After casting need a little to pull the bait, whatever the fishing line was taut. As alerter bite you can use a rattle or bell. Should set the clutch to the zero position, that would, if the fish pulls the fishing line, your spinning is not floated after her. If you have inertia reel, then it will be quite a rattle. In such fishing, carp gets the most, from 1.5 kg to more than 25.


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