The secrets of successful catching burbot in winter

fishing min vzimku

The best period for catching burbot on the right to read winter. The activity of this predator starts immediately after the appearance of the ice on the pond, and continues until spawning.

Spawning burbot begins in mid-December, depending on weather conditions it may take until the end of January, rarely up to mid-February. It is worth noting that in winter, burbot even going to spawn, continuing to eat. To determine precisely the Parking place of burbot in unknown the pond is difficult, this is due to the fact that the predator is constantly moving.

Experienced fishermen going to catch burbot in winter, harvest up to 50 pastamusik, which are placed at the promising location, for a distance of approximately 20 meters from each other. Tackles are placed in the evening and left overnight. It is important to know that burbot belongs to the night predators.

After the gear will be placed, wait for the fish, if the fish will be on site catching, and very soon it will happen. After the first bites long gear shift closer to the side where the bite occurred.

How to identify a promising place for catching burbot?

So, just note that burbot adheres to areas with running water, he tries to stay current, because the water is very cold. Warm water fish do not like. Day the animal does not eat, he hunts only at night.

Burbot are starting to catch up with the first cold, as soon as the ice as the main gear used imitation fish, the design of which absolutely no different from that used in pike fishing, but its features will be discussed below.

The best time for catching burbot is a frosty night with a strong wind, snowfall. Burbot can be caught only in a poor fishing weather (strong wind, rain, frost, heavy snowfall).

To find favorable conditions for catching burbot in winter, as can be seen, not difficult, more difficult to find in inclement weather promising fishing spot. To find the predator, despite the large concentration in water bodies is difficult to rely on luck silly, it is important to know the habits of the fish.

So, favorite places burbot are rocks with a strong current, where a large number of usual the roach and gudgeon, the main food supply of the predator. On such sites it is necessary to put imitation fish, hooks intended to impose exactly the gudgeon or bull, Malcolm, the predator will react much faster than a roach or a perch. A promising place for catching burbot are deep pits, but on the condition that they have a rocky bottom.

The bite burbot almost always remains undetected, the box was in an established position, and continues to be. Predator, swallowing the fry can remain standing still, so at least once per hour it is recommended to check gear, felt efforts should immediately begin playing.

How to prepare gear for catching burbot in winter?

In winter, burbot is often caught using zherlits («postawski»). If you know the Parking place of the predator, then you can try to catch jigging Many fishermen have been immediately after they are placed all imitation fish.

To start setting up imitation fish need in the evening, about every 50 minutes you have to crawl and test each gear on the subject of the bite. Biting burbot begins in the hours after dark and lasts till midnight. After that comes the calm. Biting starts again about three o’clock in the morning and can last until dawn. Day burbot was caught.

It is recommended after the installation of imitation fish fill a hole with snow, in all cases, when the need arises to get the tackle, lusher breaks the frozen layer, it should be done carefully.

Important! After the installation of the equipment must be left in the reel, which is placed in the hole of 2-3 meters of supply line. Her presence will eliminate the possibility of breakage at the time of the bite and the first spurt caught fish.

To strike burbot don’t need it at the time of ingestion of the bait itself overreach, all that is required of the angler is to get caught burbot, but just note that fish weighing 3-4 kg is able to provide decent resistance.

Pick up bait for catching burbot hooks under the ice in winter

To select an effective nozzle for fishing burbot is much more difficult, than to prepare equipment and determine the place for fishing. Among fishermen can be not rare to hear that burbot not refuse the rotten fish. In this truth a little, like bait fish will react only if very hungry. More chances to catch burbot, if on the hook to impose a live bull minnow or, at least, bleak or roach.

If so, it will mean that the fish will perish before inserting the hook, do not worry, as long as it was fresh. Fishermen often use even pieces of fish and it provided that the place chosen correctly gives positive results.

To fishing for burbot in the winter was successful, you need to responsibly prepare for the process. To come on a fishing trip should be at least 2-3 hours before dark. The tent should be set in the center of the fishing gear that is so arranged imitation fish were on all sides. Note that the light from the lantern catching process will not damage, so it can safely be used.

To begin to test the imitation fish should be within the hour after nightfall, about every two hours you need to change the bait, despite the fact that the fish can bite on a dead fish a live bait will attract him much faster.

That’s it, happy fishing.

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