The secrets of successful bite

Many avid fishermen, answering the question of why they are so attracted to the way a weekend with a fishing rod in his hands, the answer is that fishing «calms the nerves». But, of course, can only speak of the experienced hunters, trained the secrets of a good and constant biting.

Beginners sometimes it is difficult to cope with them when, after several hours of waiting on the hook does not come across no one, even the smallest fish. So, before you go on the river, can not hurt to arm yourself with useful knowledge that will help you not to give up.

What tips and bait is best to choose

When there is bellevie, it is an alarming signal which indicates that a wrong nozzle or absence of bait. Often, young men simply do not pay these two components, proper attention, grabbing everything that came, and sometimes, on the contrary, resort to experimentation, saturating the bait expensive fragrances and flavors. Both the first and the second often leads to the fact that the newcomer goes home with nothing.

No selenophene bait can not replace the natural components, the appropriate natural diet of the fish, therefore, the composition of the nozzle and the bait must be natural. Maggots, bloodworm or a regular worm – the most reliable options for attachment. If bites appear one after the other, one should stick only bloodworms, if biting with varying degrees of success – to add to the butterflies of maggots (a kind of «sandwich»), but if the fish starts to act up, it’ll draw pure bloodworms. A large worm used as a nozzle for cutting off bites of stuff.

This is a standard set of «ingredients», serving as body, and baits when fishing for many species of fish. Experimenting with different bait mixtures, of course, possible, but only in the case where the fisherman aims to work out the composition of the future bait. If the main goal is getting a good catch, these «experiments» is better left for later.

How to use bait

It is known that well-fed fish just do not afford to lure. She stays away from the hook attachment thrown by a fisherman, and even the bait are not always able to attract her attention. In such a situation, there are a couple of replacement options, with which you can collect fish at one point.

The first and easiest option – drench the bait and throw the water to a large portion of feed to the fish that is nearby, immediately saw it. This method is correct, but it’s too short, so it is not suitable for benthic inhabitants of the river. Strong current and the presence of a large number of small fish may be a barrier in implementing this trick.

The second method is to add in the bait alive, the friends of fish components. Often advised to add a Joker, but you can use other types of life – which is available. The presence of favorite food will increase the temporal activity of fish, however, the time a fisherman is not so much sated, river residents are again disperse around the bait, and to capture their attention now get is that using very fine tackle and bloodworms.

If the conditions for the realization of the first two options are not enough, you can somewhat change the mode of feeding. For example, throw small portions with small intervals or to feed rarely, but «in full.» The main thing here – not to be afraid of «overfeeding» the fish. Her appetite can be much wider, depending on what and how you will treat her with the shore.

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