The secrets of successful bear hunts from ambush,correctly choose the place of ambush and the bait

Bear hunters love to ambush oats. Most often hunting for a bear go to places where they are found, and that the far regions of Russia. And it’s not only time, but also a round sum on the road. Having spent so much time, effort and money you want to make the hunt went well.

The majority of those who sow the field with oats, and builds a tower, rarely understand that it is necessary to take into account the terrain, location of forests and local relief. All components must be United, only then can you expect to visit the bear.

How field

Field where will be a seeded oats, selected at random. A typical situation happens with the towers – they are located chaotically. Not one Ranger did not give the exact answer why the tower there is something there that. This is because many people do not realize that what they are doing.

Blame the hunters and their conservatism is conservatism, unwillingness to change habits and learn something new. People do the usual things for them, without seeking to learn new technologies, willing to improve. This happens even with experienced and successful hunters. Catching even a few dozen bears, they don’t want to gain new knowledge and learn something interesting and new.

Previously, this topic has been raised in the press, however, mistakes are made, even among experienced hunters and gamekeepers. It is very much hunting depends on what part of the glade to arrange the oatmeal box. Properly placed field is the key to a successful hunt. Otherwise you will spend weeks to sit in ambush and just waste their time and money wasted, so no one and not waiting. Double fault is the placement on the wrong field, the wrong tower. In this case, exactly of the beast can not wait.

All hunters know that all predatory animals are only night-life, moving through the countryside, enjoy its special flair, also it a pretty good hearing and excellent night vision. Using the entire Arsenal, which gave their nature, they easily detect the hunter. Only lazy animal that is too lazy to log in oat field under the wind, can and will fall.

Here and come closer to the subject. Place oat must be chosen in such a way that the beast could not hear the nose in the direction of the wind. Accordingly, it is necessary to look at the main wind direction.

In one area, you can sow one or two oat of the field. If sown alone, it should be on the opposite side from the prevailing winds. Wind rose – the wind direction most dominant in the area. And if the East wind rose, the field must be in the West side and Vice versa. This option is for one tower. The ideal is two towers for one hunter.

HSE. Frequently, the existing tower is just terrible. They are low, squeaky, and with one or two loopholes. The main error of the majority is the frequency of towers and their location. Don’t need many towers, and they should not be in the field, and on its borders. Squeaking can be greatly reduced, the Board can bring down the nails, it is necessary to use screws on wood.

May be another option, when sown in two oat fields – then it is imperative two towers for each wind direction. In a small clearing completely to sow the oats and put the towers next to each other.

In the case where the tower is located on the border of meadows and woods, you can build an ambush, but also not less than seven meters in height. Thus we will spare huntsman and sawicka comfort in better times tower.

There are times when a field is planted with large and hunters will hunt a lot. In this case, the action rule per hunter for two blind.

Meat bait or oatmeal box?

This is the main topic that interests everyone. Much better fields has a butcher bait, as the bears going to the bait faster than oats. And other animals comes more. Meat bait being all the predators that live in the area. Wolves, foxes, marten – all is not averse to eat meat.

However, the meat bait you can put in oatmeal field, the effect of this is only improve. But fields sown in oats not only for hunting, they feed on other animals. This nature will not be worse, on the contrary, thus hunters help wildlife.

The bait can be anything, from pashas of the horse feathers of birds. However, the more powerful will be the bait, the natural is better. But lately, hard waste, livestock in the country is poorly developed, but he who seeks will always find.

However, prepared bait for bear may be taken by another animal. There are hunters who suggest to fix the wire, placed in a metal cage. You can plant and potoglou fish. Vladimir Klimov made an offer to impregnate the sawdust strong fish brine.

But do not forget about the instincts of the beast, his acute sense of smell. If the animal smell of the hunter, the arranged ambush is a waste of time because the animal fits most of the wind. And animals understand that the easy targets do not exist, therefore, extremely cautious in such cases. Therefore, to choose a place for the bait to be especially careful not to lose time in vain.

The direction of the wind, waiting in ambush

Ambush needs to be as and tower, not less than seven meters in height. And two towers are needed for that if the wind suddenly changes direction, you should immediately go to the opposite side. At night the wind direction changes often, and if the beast comes out, it should immediately take, and in any case should not be allowed to walk until the place where it was the hunter.

In hunting there should not be errors. If the ambush and the tower is arranged according to the rules, even if the entire area there is only one beast, then he will come definitely and will almost always get hit. «Almost» is not a typo, one hundred percent in the hunting thing never happens.

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