The secrets of pike fishing in December

The pike fishing in December is as fascinating as any other period. To go fishing you need to make sure that the ice can support the weight of a fisherman. You should start with small lakes and rivulets, and on the strengthening of the ice, you can go to the larger bodies of water in search of the predator. The most active fishing will be held in the first week of the month, because the fish is trying to catch up on all that missed in the autumn, preparing for the long winter.

Going for pike in early winter, carefully plan your route. In December, the pike is held in the same places as before the onset of freeze-up is her favourite hunting spots. Early winter pike begins a feeding period. When planning a fishing this fish with ice in the summer is advised to see her favorite holes and bottom cover, to study the bottom topography, so winter is not to rush through the reservoir, and deliberately drilling holes in such places.

There are several ways of fishing for pike in December, but the most effective of them are considered Gerlich fishing and trolling. Fishing with imitation fish most successful on the flat underwater mounds, irrigation, wells, underwater vegetation and along coastal thickets. As bait use live bait: roach, gudgeon, bream or any other fish. Moreover, the stalk should be fished from the same pond.

Of most interest to the angler-winter road, it is the spoon. For fishing vertical jigging you need to strong arm themselves by spinning as the pike is a fairly large and powerful predator. The line it is better to take stronger, at least 5 kg at the gap. Intoxicated to catch pike in December, better bring jigs of different colors and shapes as to learn which of them will be more productive, you can only empirically. When fishing pike lures is most often used vibrohvost with a jig head that can help make fishing more successful.

An important role in this process is played by the correct choice of the depth of trolling, which primarily depends on the thickness of the ice cover. Thickness of less than 10 cm should catch at depths greater than 5 m. If the thickness of 10-20 cm, the fishing should occur no deeper than 3-5 m. When the thickness of the ice will be greater than 20 cm, you can begin catching even 0.5 m. this is Due to the fact that pike has excellent hearing, so can hear on the ice fishermen.

To begin fishing for pike, you’ll have to drill at least 10 wells with a minimum distance of 5 m from each other. To facilitate withdrawal, the hole is best to drill so that it extended to the water. Throughout the fishing each hole you need to sh a few times. This will significantly increase the chance to leave home with a good catch.

If December was warm, the pond may freeze, especially in the center. In this case, the angler must choose the fishing gear. In the presence of the boat to try fishing in a plumb with the use of balance weights or spinning. The lure here can be a spinner or Wobbler. If beach ice crust, you can try to catch the predator by float rod from shore on live bait. When fishing on spinning a good result will help to fight the use of the jig. However, silicone fish used in the fall, it is better to leave the house, since December the pike would prefer them foam bait.

During pike fishing in December in slope is not important, it flows from the ice or from a boat, a great bait will be a dead fish, but if the predator is hungry enough, it will bite even cut the fish. If fishing is on the reservoir over, after lowering the bait to the bottom is necessary to pause, allowing the bait a few meters to go on the bottom, of course, if there is no risk of the hook and breakdown gear. As for time of day, the most active pike fishing in December is in the morning and evening.

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