The secrets of eel fishing.

Spring – the start of eel fishing bait, and thus it is possible to fish it until October. The best part of the day for this kind of fishing is night, because the fish are usually active at night.

But the experience of some fishermen shows that closer to noon, you can also expect to catch.

How to choose the nozzle for catching this fish? Almost only bread is not used as a nozzle. All the rest is quite acceptable, for example, in the spring – the Nightcrawlers, red worms, and in the fall will fit all small fish as well as peas, beans, you can use cheese and even small frogs.

Given the relatively small size of the mouth of acne, need to know that he usually swallows the whole prey, so it required fishing hooks less than five. Is the use of hooks, having the number seven or eight, are straight, with their easy to take out.

The eel, having extremely sharp and frequent teeth, can easily cut fishing line. To avoid this, you need to tie the hook directly to baška or wire, and is especially important at night. The rod used for eel fishing must be firmly enough, this also applies to a scaffold that is manufactured from quality and durable materials.

Reel when fishing for eel is not used to prevent the loss of fish and fishing rods at the same time. This fish has the ability of restlessness and readiness for long resistance. Even if the hook does not mean that the fish have already acquired. Sometimes acne is hammered deep in the hole or wrapped around the driftwood, making a futile attempt to pull him to the surface. You have to snap off the line, thus stopping the fight.

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